Sleeping On Your Stomache

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Nahcol - July 1

Im only 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I want to know how long can I continue to sleep on my stomache. I try to sleep on my side, but when I wake up, Im lying on my stomache and it makes my stomach feel uncomfortable when I get up. Is it too early to worry about this or shouls I take other steps like buying body pillows to try and prevent this. Thank you for all of your answers.


mistey - November 3

im 18wks and just stopped sleeping on my stomach because it was becoming uncomfortable i didnt feel like i was squashing anything until now,go with what feels comfortable to you


sg - November 21

I'm a stomach sleeper too, normally. But I am 14 weeks and I can't do it now. I've heard that sleeping on your stomach won't hurt the baby, though. It is just highly uncomfortable for me (I feel like I am laying on a ball.) If it is comfy for you, go for it.


Mya - December 11

I had a pillow that would vibrate all through the night its like a pregnancy pillow this helps the baby find a comfortable position im my stomach when i am laying on my side.The first time I tried laying on my stomach it didn't work because I could feel where he was uncomfortable and so was I. I think you should just go buy a pillow


bry - December 12

I did not want to sleep on my stomach at all untill I was way pregnant with my first, after I had her I slept on my stomach all the time. Now with my 2nd preg I slept on my stomach untill it wasnt comfortable any longer. I think it would uncomfortable for you long before it would harm the baby, by the way, you will want pillows later in preg, so why not buy them now??!!


onica - January 5

I am 30 weeks pregnant and still sleep on my stomache. A couple of times it was uncomfortable, but usually it isn't and that is the only way i can fallasleep. does anyone know if this is harmful?


darleen - January 7

im 20 weeks and 5 days and i can only sleep on my stomach it's not uncomfotable for me my doc said i could sleep that way till i feel uncomfortable it helps if you lay down on your stomach and put one leg up and one flat takes some of the pressure off your tummy or atleast it works for me good luck and belly rubs.


Tracy - January 15

Im 21wks, I try not to sleep on my stomach but its the only comfy position i can find. I also sleep with one leg bent upwards and one leg straight. I dont think it harms the baby. If the baby gets uncomfortable im finding that i get a kick to move.


Dani - June 29

My Doc told me that the amniotic fluid protects the baby from being squished and it doesnt harm the baby. But I agree its a mental thing and you feel like your weight is against baby.


Ruth - July 2

It's not about when you shouldn't sleep on your stomach, it's about when you can't sleep on your stomach. Trust me, you'll know. You will get to a point when you lay on your stomach and immediately it hurts and you feel like your laying on a large egg that takes up your whole stomach. You'll also reach a point where you won't be able to sleep on your back either. That's where I am. Sometimes I can sleep on my back, but more often than not, I can't. This is because the pressure from the uterus weighing down causes you to get cramps and stomach pains. Good luck. I'm 27 weeks and I'm stuck on one side or the other every night. It's uncomfortable and it sucks.


Sara - July 4

Im 13 weeks and I can still sleep on my stomach. It hasn't gotten uncomfortable for me yet.



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