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Micky - April 22

Hi Ladies, I am 14 weeks pregnant...I try to sleep on my left side but once I am asleep, I find myself sleeping on my back a lot and occasionally on my stomach. This bothers me a lot...but I don't know what to do because have no control of what I do once I am alseep..any suggestions would be appreciated...


amyn - April 22

Hey Micky, I'm almost 16 weeks and what I've been doing is I have this king sized pillow that I put behind my back and kind of tuck it under my b___t, then I have a pillow I put between my legs and another one in front of me that I hug (they both are regular sized pillows) I make sure that I am close to the edge of the bed that way I shouldn't lay on my back much and if I do I have that back pillow supporting me. I used to always sleep on my tummy but I haven't once rolled onto my stomach since I've used all these pillows. I do end up on my back, but if I do its not for long, I usually wake up, then roll right over. You can also try and buy those body pillows, they make ones for pregnant women, that can go in a u shape and you sleep inside the u. I'm going to get one soon. Also if you are concerned about your sleeping positions I'd ask your doctor. good luck


Hana - April 22

Micky Im a tummy and back sleeper and have been trying to break the 26 year old habit and it aint working well coz i always end up on my back (which incidently hurts!) and tummy. I sometimes intentionally sleep on my tummy and it feels comfy- not entirely flat- i raise a knee and put a pillow under my tummy so in a way im at an angle and there is a slight gap between my tummy and the bed. Im not sure if its ok but sometimes i just cant get comfy:( I bought a body pillow and use other pillows, and all i can say is our poor men, coz they take 3/4 of the bed and rolling over with all the pillows shakes the bed so bad poor babe wakes up...serves him right for getting pregnant:P


Micky - April 22

Thanks ladies...I will try your tips from tonight...


jenrodel - April 22

I think I will definitely have to try the pillow behind my back! I'm 16 weeks today, and have had such a hard time getting comfortable on my side. Like Hana, I've spent 26 years on my stomach or back, so it's really hard to break! I've been sleeping with a pillow between my legs which helps, also a small wedge pillow for my stomach which is quite comfortable. I haven't woken up on my stomach yet, but do find myself on my back sometimes! I will definitely try the pillow behind the back, but as mentioned, my poor sweetie! He's all but forced to the side of the bed with all of my pillows and tossing around! Good Luck!!


SuzieQ - April 22

I've been having a hard time due to my shoulders getting sore at night :( I don't usually sleep on my back, but I've been waking up with aching shoulders from lying on my sides. I'm not sure what to do really - I've tried extra pillows, but it doensn't seem to help. Any other suggestions ?


emilymalm - April 22

I bought a "snoogle" maternity pillow and I find it very comfortable. They're not cheap and run about $50, but I sleep really well. I find it supports my back and knees nicely.


Shannah - April 23

My doctor told me I didn't have to worried about sleeping on my back until 20 weeks. And after that she said just put a regular pillow behind you when you are on your side and when you flip on your back you will be on a little incline. She said it only has to be 2 inches.


ThePezChick - April 23

Wait, are you not supposed to sleep on your back???? I'm a first time mother and have no idea. I sleep on my back frequently!!!!! :( I'm about 16 1/2 weeks along at the moment.


Micky - April 24

You are supposed to sleep on your left side which is the best position to sleep while pregnant...It is good for the baby...right side puts pressure on a large vein called vena cava and on your back is not good either beacuse it clocks arteries and therefore, restricts oxygen to the baby...


Micky - April 24

I meant blocks :)


GraceRenee - April 24

Sleep in whatever way is comfortable for you. If you get uncomfortable change your position. You'll be fine. I am sure that this is what women did for thousands of years before someone discovered that sleeping on your left side was "best".


Kara H. - April 25

At 20 weeks I just couldn't get comfortable in any position. I have always been a tummy sleeper, but it was so longer comforable. When I slept on my side, my shoulders and hips hurt in the morning. I tried sticking pillows between my knees but they kept shifting all night and falling out on the floor. I finally bought a body pillow. I started out with a cheap one at Walmart for $15. I slept so good! No pain anywhere and I stayed on my side all night. I've had it about a month and it is starting to get a little flat (my darn cats sleep on it all day so its getting double wear and tear) so I am going to go ahead and buy a more expensive one that should hold its shape better. But I do have to say it was the best $15 I ever spent.


amyn - April 25

Kara- did you put the body pillow behind you? did you still have one between your legs? Cause I'm only 16 weeks and I've been sleeping on my left side since I found out I was pregnant but my hip hurts so bad early in the morning that even rolling on my right side it hurts.. Any suggestions?



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