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DJ - June 7

Okay I've read the books and know it's best to sleep on my left but I just can't do it. I'm not comfortable.. I've purchased extra pillows even the full body one and nothing works. Not only do I sleep on my right which I'm over - I did the same thing with my first with no problems but I can sleep half on my stomach still. I'm 22 weeks so there is definately a soccer ball showing but I'm more on my tummy than even my side... any one have any suggestions?


AmyF - June 7

DH bought me a pregnancy pillow from I swear I'm in love. It looks like a snake pillow that wraps around you completely. aaaaah it's so nice. People around me are jealous they didn't have one when they were preggo.


Taffy - June 7

I had the same problem with sleeping on my right instead of my left. The pillows do help me but the best thing I did was to swop bed sides with my husband. Now I prefer to sleep on my left! It might be worth a try!


Kira_lynn - June 8

I was worried about this too. My specialist said that its not too detrimental to baby if you cant stay on your side. I try but i always end up on my back, i just switch to my side when i wake up. Its funny how your brain "knows" and wakes you up when your not in the right position.


shortcake - June 8

I'm the same I cant get any sleep on my left side I always roll over on my right side or when I wake up in the morning I find myself on my back :-O It always worries me. I forgot to ask my doctor about me sleeping on my right side a lot.


Linda99 - June 8

I also have problems staying on my left side. I am a strict back sleeper and I can't fall asleep any other way. I asked my dr. about it and he said not to worry one bit about it. You really only need to worry if you are high risk and having problems with your blood pressure. Now I sleep on my back but I'm propped up with about 3 pillows. I'm only 18.5 weeks right now, so that position may eventually be uncomfortable so we'll see! Don't worry though, you aren't harming your baby!


Lilu - June 8

I don't have any suggestions... b/c I DO THE SAME THING! You just can't help it, even when you go to bed on the "right side - the left side, you change positions without even knowing. as long as it's comfortable I don't think it really matters. I did it with my first. But soon enough your belly will be too big for you to do it. I wouldn't worry about.


DJ - June 8

thanks ladies... I figure it can't be all that bad to sleep on the "wrong side" the right side or on your back ect... because before they knew this women were sleeping on the "wrong side' all the time and it's not like we became extinct or anything because of it. Sometimes the "books" make things worst


squished - June 9

Yeah they do! My dr. just told me to stop reading everything and to unhook my computer from the internet! Sometimes they can make you worry so much more than you need to. Everything worries me, so reading so much doesn't help :)


scarlett - June 11

Just sleep in whatever position you're comfortable with. I hardly sleep on my left either, it's sooo uncomfortable and sometimes it even hurts. I even think my baby prefers the right side, hehe...some people sleep on their back throughout their pregnancies. Sleeping on your left side is 'recommended', but that doesn't mean everyone MUST sleep on their left.


ThePezChick - June 11

I told my doctor I end up on my back a lot while I'm asleep. He said you will naturally go onto your side when your body needs you to. Let's hope so!


Taffy - June 11

The only reason I have to sleep on my left is because my BP is low. If I lie on my right the weight of the baby presses on the vena cava (main vein) and restricts the blood flow going back to the heart. If this is a problem to you it will be obvious. I found that everytime I lay on my back or on my right I would feel very dizzy and start gasping as the blood wouldn't get to my lungs or brain efficiently. If you don't experience this you should be absolutely fine. When I was really bad I would sleep sitting up with pillows behind me until I got used to sleeping on my left. DH also is very good and rolls me over in my sleep if I move!


CamysMama - June 12

I have been trying so hard to sleep on my left side every night - but no more! Now I have sciatica (inflamation of the sciatic nerve) on the left side, from the presure of my uterus pushing against my sciatic nerve as it pa__ses through my pelvis. It is very uncomfortable, and feels like a burning pain in my left bum! It is worse when I have been sitting for a while, and makes it difficult to walk, and also when I try to bend over. I haven't heard the doc's opinion yet, but I feel that sleeping exclusively on my left side has brought about this inflamation, since the weight of my uterus is all on my left side while I am sleeping. So for you ladies who are worried about not sleeping on your left side - don't take those books too literally! I think it's good to sleep on your left when you can, but don't to it exclusively! Shift about however you need to in order to be comfortable, and try not to stay in any one position all night every night - you might wind up like me! And for any of you who have shooting pain or tingling or burning in your leg, the back of your thigh, your bum or the lowest part of your back, on one side or both, you may have sciatica too, you should check it out. There are some stretches you can do that will help the inflamation. All the best to you! :o)


MuzikGurl - June 12

my problem is I'm a natural stomach sleeper and I can't break the habit...I'm only 14 weeks but I'm beginning to show a tad and want to break the habit now before I'm 20 something weeks and can't get any sleep...ugh...when I do remember to sleep on my side I always end up on my right....I start off on my right side then my left and when I wake up I'm on my tummy...every night! no wonder my tummy muscles feel sorer when I wake up...but I do find it to help put pressure on built up gas and it does help..but I don't wanna hurt the baby...this is definately annoying...


Perl - June 12

Wait. . .I thought it was okay to sleep on your side no matter which. I've heard that sleeping on your back is not best but it's hard not to. But why is sleeping on your right side bad??



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