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bigtums - January 27

I know you're not suppose to sleep on you back, because the baby doesn't get a good blood flow (or so I've read). But I've noticed when I sleep on my side I wake up in the middle of the night because my hips start to hurt. Then I switch to my other side and then the same thing happens hours later. Then I try my back, but that's uncomfortable too. I'm running out of positions! I have a pillow between my legs and the only things that kind of helped was putting a pillow under my butt. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm 17w3d into my pregnancy.


dueinparil2007 - January 27

I totally understand how you feel. I have the same problem I can only sleep on each side for a short period of time and my hips hurt and I have to change positions. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and find myself on my back. I am 28 weeks and it only seems to be getting worse. I also have to sleep on my sides sideways in a weird position just to get only gets worse good luck to you!!!


Tracy88 - January 27

Yes. It doesn't seem to get any better either. You just have to continue to try new things. One thing that helped me a little was putting a thicker, fluffier pillow between my legs. The one I had to begin with was too flat for my hips to appreciate I think! I now sleep on the couch too because it allows me to prop pillows behind me and such, which is something I can't do in bed since I'm not up against a wall. I still always end up waking up on my back though. The way my doc put it......was don't stress over it too much, women have been having babies since the dawn of man and sleeping however they were comfortable, so......


jessica72 - January 27

My situation to the T! My hip begins to kill me after an hour or so, then I feel like a pancake that has to be continuously flipped and I wake my poor hubby up because I have to switch my plethora of pillows over to the other side, lol. I've pretty much got a pattern down. I did buy a boppy type pillow and it does help a little bit, especially if you have tummy support and a little back support. As you get further along in pregnancy, friends have told me to prop your neck up with some pillows. Sweet Dreams :)


bigtums - January 27

Thanks Ladies! I'll try anything at this point. Between the constant shifting around in bed and snoring, my husband gets to enjoy the "joy" of pregnancies with me! hahaha!


squished - January 27's like I typed this post. I move around so much at night that I end up with most of the blankets at the end of the night! I'm only 15w, so I'm going to be in trouble :)


Tammy276 - January 27

Oh, the joys of pregnancy!! This is what has helped me so far. I sleep with my big pregnancy pillow between my legs, and then I have a flatter body pillow that I stick behind my back, so that when I am on my side, I can kinda roll on to my back, but I'm not completely on my back and I'm not completely on my side (if this makes any sense!!).. It helps relieve some of the pressure that side sleeping puts on your hips....granted, there isn't much room in bed for 2 big pillows, me and hubby, but we are managing to work around it. I am 31w and this is the only way I can sleep with out waking up. If I don't have that second pillow behind my back, I am constatnly waking up and tossing and turing. Also, you can sleep on your back as long as you are not flat on your back...Stick a pillow under one hip, or prop yourself up a bit so you are at an incline.


ejmeskan - January 29

I have the same problem, I am 24wks and still have been trying to figure out what I am goign to do since my stomach is the most comfortable position. I have spoke with my doctor about this and you really don't need to worry about sleeping on your back until the 3rd trimester, at that time the weight of the uterus and baby are to much for the major vein/artery. If you don't have a body pillow try it- it is great, also boppy came out with a body pillow for pg women- I am not sure if it is any good- it is about $50 but it would be worth the try! Good luck



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