Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

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sam - September 8

What positions are best for the pregnant woman especially between the 2nd and 3rd trimesters


Maureen - May 15

I've been told by all my pregnant friends that they find it most comfortable on their side, and so far, I do too. I'm almost half way during my pregnancy, so far this has been working out well.


Julie - June 2

The best position is to sleep lying on your left side. This is to encourage your baby to move itself into the position that will be the easiest for it to pa__s quickly through your pelvis, which will result in a shorter, less painful labor than if your baby has to squeeze through your pelvis from another position. I personally feel that this is a very comfortable position to sleep in because it seems like the baby isn't smooshing down on all of my organs. I can sort of "rest" the baby's weight on a pillow by putting the pillow just slightly underneath my belly.


Hellen - June 11

Well, i am thirteen weeks today and I have been so worried and conscious of my sleeping. I normally would sleep on my back or right side. This have been my comfort positions all my prepregnancy life. I am now finding it so hard to sleep on my left, i actually wake up in the night with a sore side. Then I uncousciously roll of to my back and dh has to wake me up to turn me to my right. Oh, sleeping has never been a nightmare before, but i am still struggling, after all it is for the little angel. Good luck to you all.


Ang - June 30

I asked my midwife about this. i normally sleep on my back or right side. I got paranoid cos I heard that sleeping on your back can cut off the oxygen supply to the baby. Apparently that is very rare and only happens if the baby doesn't move much. So b*gg*r it! I'm sleeping how I want. If you don't get enough sleep, how are you going to deal with this whole pregnancy thing? It's hard enough on the body anyhow! (First timer!!!)


Harmony - July 12

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have heard alot of different opinions about the sleeping positions while pregnant. I am not sure which to believe but I think it will be different circ_mstances for every woman/baby. I personally switch from left to right to my back and I find that baby actually moves MORE when I am laying on my back. I also find laying on my back for about an hour, relieves the pain in my hips. I think that as long as your baby is moving on a regular basis, then sleep however you want (well, obviously, within reason) Sleep is something that I lack HUGE these days so I don't wanna lay my head down after an exhausting day and start worrying about which position is the "right" one. There are two ways you can be pregnant - happy, excited, & well educated about your body and your baby or nervous, stressed and over-educated & opinionated about your body and your baby. There is alot of information out there. Like anything, choose what suits you and is safe and right for your circ_mstance.


Mel - July 27

I heard the same thing about the left side and eventually adapted to that. I also had alot of luck (and still use) with an anatomic mattress pad. The hip and lower back support worked when I slept on my side. I think you can still get them at or


Leanne - September 8

I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my second child, and always sleep on my belly (when not pregnant). That makes sleepless nights for me now. However, I purchased a 'wedge' pillow, during my first pregnancy and tucked it slightly under my belly, and low and behold I slept like an angel. It's safest to sleep on your left side, so not to put extra pressure on the placenta, which may result in the baby lacking oxygen. But, I roll over several times through the night, and try to always (subconsciencely) return to my left when possible. Another thing I would suggest for people who want to sleep on their left side is to purchase a firm pillow that gives your neck support, but isn't too high. I bought a foam support pillow for side sleepers, and that combined with my tummy wedge is working wonders! Also a good idea to sleep in loose clothing, and a thin blanket. Better sleep is had when you're not too hot.


dalesgirl - September 16

Sleeping on your left side actually increases the oxygen flow to your baby.


Mary - April 4

I'm in my eighth weeke with my third child. For some reason I seem to have forgotten a lot of things and sleeping positions was one of them. I know that from my past pregnancies that I should sleep on my left side as much as possible because it is better for the baby and we all know that everything is about the baby and the safety of our children. So while I continue to sleep more on my left and less on my back and right side, I will continue to do what is best for my child. Good luck to all out there and sleep well!!!!


Jackie - September 18

at 35weeks I still spend sometime on my back during the night as I find it very comfortable due to using a body pillow which goes alone my side to tilt me a bit and under my bottom to support my back. It works a treat and should be reducing any conplications from sleeping in this position



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