Sleeping With Baby

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Jennifer - October 25

I am just curious as to how many people plan on sleeping with their baby as opposed to having baby sleep in a crib, and how many crib sleepers will be in the room with you as opposed to sleeping in their own nursery.


Heather - October 25

baby in nursery


Emy - October 25

Baby in our bedroom (makes for easier b___stfeeding) in her own crib.


shelly - October 25

I will have a crib set up in my room, and also in the nursery. The baby will be sleeping in my room for atleast the 1st 6 months in his crib. I do not believe in sleeping with the baby, why not just have them next to you, in a ba__sinet, crib, etc. I wouldn't want to take the chance of rolling over on him. In my house my room is upstairs and the nursery is downstairs, thats why the crib in my room too.


Amber - October 25

Baby in moses basket on the floor of our bedroom. (we have a pallet on the floor for us to sleep on, mmmmm romance :P)


Beth - October 26

He will sleep in the ba__sinet in our room and then the crib in our room. After he is 1 we will move him into his room. Hopefully will work out ok. Our dog sleeps w/ us now (romantic I know ;-P) so that will ensure that we don't give into taking him to bed!


Natalie - October 26

im having my baby in a crib in my room, but im also having an alarm monitor with sensor pads aswell. reason baby is going in its own crib, is 1, id worry about hurting baby if she was in my bed, and 2. because i dont want to have the trouble of trying to encourage her to sleep in her own bed when shes a little older. sleep is a learned behaviour, and if they a__sociate sleep with your bed, it will be very difficult to teach them otherwise.


to natalie - October 26

What is an alarm monitor w/ sensor pads and what is it for? Have you used it before?


April mom - October 26

Baby in a crib right by my side.


Christi - October 26

My baby is going in the crib in the nursey. I will have monitors and such... but I have heard once the baby gets used to sleeping with you... its hard to break them of that habit... which could eventually cause problems down the road.


mommy of 1 - October 26

baby slept with us. Neither of us are heavy sleepers and they fact that I know the baby is bed with me sticks in my mind even while asleep. Also helpful were the wedge pillows if you are not too sure about it sticking in your mind. Also it is extremely convenient while b___st or bottle feeding to have them in bed with you. She transitioned to her own bed very easily, but I have an extremely mellow bub. She wasn't fussy, colicy, never sick, slept through the night by 2 months, teething was pretty much a breeze too. We are on bub # 2, we plan on having him in bed with us too. I only hope he will be as mellow as his sister. I know alot of you are probably concerned about SIDS and this why you would be reluctant to have baby sleep with you esp if you have water bed like we do. It was and will be a concern for us, but we all do what we think is best. Good luck mommies!


Tess - October 26

baby sleepin w/ us (same bed) it makes it easier for me to b___stfeed. :P


mls - October 26

I'm curious to know how many of the moms that answered seperate bed and especially seperate room are having their first baby right now?


tutu - October 26

1st baby, slept in our bed, she was up most all of the time because of digestive problems--plus b___stfeeding. Sometimes she crawled in bed with us when she got a little older, big deal! She is 12 now and does Not want to sleep with us of course. This baby, not sure, will try a ba__sinet in the room, or co-sleeper. Depends on the baby. Definitely like the baby close by, it sounds corny, but it goes so FAST. Enjoy your little baby, before you know it they are independent and grown up!!


Kimberley - October 27

Ba__sinette next to bed, then cot, probably at about 4 months baby in own room. This is my 4th child......The only 1 I did have in bed with me was my 1st......The others maybe once or twice, if they were extremly unsettled, but a better sleep for all, if everyone has there own beds.


Tamisha - October 27

1st time mom. Baby will sleep in his/her own crib in our room for the first year.


Natalie - October 27

a baby monitor with sensor pads - its a monitor, in which a sensor pad come with it. you place the sensor pad under the babys mattress and it can detect any movement, even the sligghtest. if no movement is detected after 20 seconds an alarm will sound, to get you up to check the baby, just incase they have stopped breathing



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