Sleepless In Second Trimester

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dani - July 14

I'm having a hard time getting comfortable at night. I know your supposed to sleep on your left side only and I'm trying, but it's kinda hard when your not a left side sleeper. I constantly roll over on my back to get some sleep and then catch myself in the middle of the night which in return wakes me up all the time. The last week or so I haven't gotten any quality sleep. It's starting to get really annoying. I also have a body pillow, but it doesn't seem to help a whole lot. Anyone else experiencing this too? I know it's only going to get worse in the third trimester, but would like to catch some zzzzz's now while I'm not too big....thanks


Brandi - July 14

I feel your pain. Im 20 wks and have not slept good in the last 2 weeks. However, my dr. said I can take tylenol PM so, I take it twice a week, just to get some sleep. Im a walking zombie.


Heidi - July 14

I slept really good in my 2nd trimester and starting around 25 wks I started having a hard time as I used to sleep on my tummy. I still can sort of but have to kick my leg out or sleep on my arm and it's not comfy anymore. I wake up a lot and have a hard time rolling over. It's like a chore now!


dani - July 14

I'm 16 weeks now, so I can only imagine what it's going to be like later least I'm not alone on this sleepless thing...


Noams - July 14

Hi Me too, I am 23 weeks and am having troubble falling asleep. I do sleep a little beter if I walk during the day and go to bed after 9pm also I avoid sleeping during the day. I wake up on my back a few times each night and roll back on to my side ( I guess there is not so much I can do about it) I have tried the pillow behind my back to stop it, but I must remove it in my sleep. SWEET DREAMS ALL.


TCM - July 14

Hi - glad to hear I am not alone. I am about 18 weeks now and this week have not been able to sleep well. Like Heidi I sleep on my tummy which was very comfortable until this week now there doesn't seem to be any comfy position!!



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