Slightly Odd Question About My Baby Name Choices

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TamaraAngel - March 12

I had decided on the name Tyler Christopher for my son. But every time people excitedly ask "What are you going to name the baby!!??" They seem disappointed with my choice or are reactionless. I know it's a "common" name and he wont be named after anyone for any sentimental reason... but i feel it's a cute, yet masculine name and there aren't any ways (i can think of) for kids to tease him about it. Plus it wont be misspelled or mispronounced. Those were all my deciding factors. I started to think that maybe i would name him Rocco (middle name Christopher, Anthony, or Giovanni) but here is my concern. I have used the name Rocco for my pet fish in the past and for my puppy. My friend now owns the puppy but his name is still Rocco. EVERYONE knows i had a dog named Rocco. Is it too weird to name my baby that too? People still ask me how Rocco is doing in his new home, etc. In fact, his picture was just in the paper in a pet section and it said "Rocco Giovanni". Everyone was like "oh i saw your dog in the paper!" Lol... what are your thoughts???


MNMOM - March 12

Stick with Tyler. This is the exact reason why we don't tell people the names we are thinking of or the names we have picked, we don't want their opinions or reactions to make us upset or second guess ourselves. In my experience, after the baby is here and is already named, people keep their mouth shut about what you named it, and that is the way it should be anyway except some folks just can't help themselves!


JessC531 - March 12

I like Tyler Christopher. Stick with it. I wouldn't use Rocco because of the dog... We really like the name Isabella for our baby girl, but we have a dog named Bella. I can't have people calling them both Bella! LOL. Tyler is cute though. I like it. :)


Mommy1 - March 12

I like Tyler cousin has the same name! The only nickname I can think of that he had when he was young was "Tiger baby"....but as a young adult there aren't any nicknames.


TamaraAngel - March 12

Thanks girls! I googled the name "Tyler Christopher" a few weeks ago and a soap star came up. Lol... so i'm a__suming that's why you asked if i watch General Hospital? Nope... i'm not a soap fan... but that actor sure is hott! ;o) I appreciate the input. I think i'll stick with Tyler!


suze42 - March 12

Yeah TC from GH is hot!! He probably made up the name b.c it sounded so cool! so there you go!


lisarenee - March 12

I like Tyler Christopher!


jen327 - March 12

I love the name. You need to pick the name you like. I thought about making it a surprise, but did not. We are naming our son Sean Patrick, his last name will be ORiley, and people are like OMG Sean Patrick ORiley, really Irish wow. And I don't care, I love it. It was my DH and my favorite choice!


Megan P - March 12

Rocco is cute, but don't name it a name you've named your pet. No way. I'm having a similar problem. I have Willa and Giovanna for girls names and everyone on here likes Giovanna (me too!) but my friends and family like Willa. I want something totally unique and uncommon......


TamaraAngel - March 12

Megan i think Giovanna is very pretty! I love it. I have never heard the name Willa before. Where do you live?


charee - March 12

I like Tyler Christopher- This is my 2nd baby and with my 1st everyone (mainly mil and in laws) had their stupid opinions and criticism, and suggestions which i thought were HORRIBLE- so this time I am not even going to discuss it with ANYONE other than my dh (and i have told my best friend the name i love if its a boy) but other than that i dont even want to discuss it- i dont know why i am just moody and mean i guess but i really dont want opinions and criticism from anyone- especially family. I FINALLY gave in and told my mil and fil when i was 8 months what name i liked for my daughter (Chloe Lynae Kinser) and mil was so against it and saying how CHLOE was so horrible with Kinser and didnt flow... now her and fil argue over it and say they picked the name out... but i liked it from 4 months on. Anyway I guess I just cant stand their opinions so who cares what other people think! Its your baby =)


SaraH - March 12

I think Tyler Christopher is a good name. It's not uncommon or weird but Tyler isn't so common that every 3rd child in his cla__s will have that name either. I like it. Racco, I agree is a bit to "pettish" of a name (it also sounds like a rock singers stage name to me as well). Megan--I like Giovanna better then Willa personally.


Megan P - March 12

TamaraAngel, I live in Seattle. Where do you live?


TamaraAngel - March 13

Megan i live in Pa. Terio -- that would be a funny prank to play. Just out of curiosity, what was your dog's name??


Terio - March 13

Tamara, the name is Tanner... so it's definitely normal-sounding enough to work!! It was a little pekingese I had for 13 years so family would definitely think I was having unresolved pet issues. :-o


Bellas Mom - March 13

Definitely go with Tyler Christopher. I love it! like MNMOM said, that was the main reason we didn't share my daughter's name with anyone before she was born. Interestingly enough, I shared it with one person that we were thinking of Isabella, and this person said she knew like 4 dogs that were named Bella. Made me go home and have a serious talk with my husband and we came to the conclusion of only sharing it when the baby arrived. And as soon as she did no one had any silly comments! They are introduced to "soandso" and not somebody's dog or whatever other comment they might have.


TamaraAngel - March 13

Thanks everyone... i really appreciate the responses! :o)



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