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Em - January 15

Hi girls, I just thought I would start this thread for those of us that started this pregnancy being really slim..I'm just wondering what your experiences have been like so far, how much weight have you gained, any of you exercising (to what extent), how you are feeling, or any other comments that could be related...About myself: I'm 20 wks, started out at a nice 112 lbs at 5'6", and have put on an amazing 12lbs, which I know is a lot...I don't really have any cravings and since the start of the second trimester I have been feeling pretty good. And I'm having a BOY! (I was so sure about this that I've been telling everyone right from the start...)


Brittany - January 15

Hi there, this is my second baby, I'm 5' 4'' and before this pregnancy I weighed 101 pounds. I am currently 17 weeks preggo and weigh 106 right now. So I've gained 5 pounds so far. With my first pregnancy, I only gained 7 pounds all together. I know it sounds really bad, I tried to eat but had no appet_te. This time, I've been eating anything and biggest craving is kettel cooked potato chips and sour patch kids haha. Anyways, I hope I can gain more this pregnancy. Good luck to you and your unborn baby boy!! We find out this Tuesday if we're havin a boy or girl! I've been feeling great, no nausea or anything, same with my first pregnancy. I'm thinking it's a girl this time...we already have a boy. O yea, and I don't exercise...I do run after a 16 month old constantly though haha.


Nina - January 15

Hello, I'm 5'11" and my pre-pregnancy weight was 137lbs. I've gained 25lbs at 24 weeks!!! But everyone that sees me thinks I've probably gained about 5 lbs cause I'm all belly. My doctor said she was going to tell me to gain more weight until she did the saw what I've really gained. In the first 4 months I was starving all the time but now I'm just starving often. I walk daily for about an hour. I feel great but very big, it's hard to imagine my belly's going to get even bigger!!


krista-lee - January 15

before i was pregnant, i was 5'7 and 114 lbs. now im 132 lbs! thats alot, im 21 weeks and 2 days =) i dont exercise, but i want too! i wanna lose this fat soon =P im not even that big, some people dont even believe im pregnant.


Margo - January 16

hi there, this is my second baby. I'm 5'3" and before pregnancy I weighted 100 lb. I'm 19 weeks now. I gained 7 pounds so far. With my 1st pregnancy I lost 10 lb and then gained them back plus gained 7 lb more. I'm not allowed to exercise since Im high risk pregnancy and i had my cervix st_tched at 15 weeks.


Ba8y6irl - January 16

I was pre-pregnancy 147 lbs, 5'3" its not really skinny but I was nowhere near overweight. just well proportioned :) anywho, when I got preggo I lost 8 pounds and was 139 at my 17 week weighin. Now at my 21 week weighin I was 143 so I have gained a little back. My doctor has no worries so neither do I :)


Joanne - January 16

This has been a hard one for me. I started out at 5'6" and 123 - pretty slim. I'm 26 weeks and have gained about 25 pounds. I've just been so hungry! And I cave in to sweets all the time..... I do walk at least 30 minutes daily. I'm curious as to how much weight I'll have to lose to get back to my pre-preg weight.......


livdea - January 16

I'm 5'10" and pregregnancy I weighed about 129 and now I weigh 134. 5 lbs...not too bad I guess. I'm 14 1/2 weeks along and well..yeah five pounds! This whole weight gain thing scares me! But I'm not holding back, especially now since I seem to be starving all the time, since this past week! And I go to the gym at least 3 times a week for weight training and cardio. Hopefully, I'll be gaining some muscle back. I freaked out when I found out I was pregnant and didn't do anything for a little over a month and I lost all my muscle tone! Hitting the gym to gain that stuff back!


lacy - January 16

Pre-pregnancy I was 5'3'' and 105 lbs. Now at 14 weeks I weigh 116 - I can't believe I have already gained 11 pounds. I can't fit into any of my clothes which has made it very difficult to find appropriate outfits for work. I feel huge! I can't wait to look pregnant instead of just looking fat. Even though I am not overeating, I am eating heathily - but my weight appears to have a mind of its own. I think I better get my growing b___t in a gym before this gets out of hand :)


anita - January 16

hi Em, i started at 5'6 123lbs (not skinny, but thin) and now at 31wks i've gained 19lbs. i pray to God that i don't gain more than 10lbs in the next 9wks. so far its all in my belly, so i hope it comes off w/ the baby. you're doing good on your weight're supposed to gain 25-35lbs during the pregnancy, a little more if you're small (which you obviously are), and everyone i know who's your size lost their weight within wks of birth.


Lori - January 16

This is my first baby. I'm 5'6" and started out at 118lbs. I am 17 weeks and have gained 5 lbs. I lost a pound during the first trimester, but in the last few weeks my appet_te has really picked up. I'm all tummy. Hopefully it will stay that way!


Renee - January 16

I'm 5'10" and started out at 135. I am currently 18 weeks and weigh 144. I believe the weight gain you noted is right on target. Don't stress over it. Your body knows what it needs more than your brain does!!! LOL! Congrats on your little boy - we just found out today we're having a boy too!!!!!


Jessica - January 16

Pre pregnancy I weighed 110 and I am 5'5" tall. And now at 30 weeks pregnant i have gained 29 pounds. Wow! I dont look big at all except for the basketball in my stomach. My doctor is also happy with this amount of weight gain. I have not been exercising but keeping busy, I am feeling great these days and cant wait to meet my little man!


Em - January 17

Hi girls, thanks for all your responses...I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one with these issues...I'm really paranoid about my weight, but I know a healthy weight gain is necessary for the baby's proper development..Sometimes it just seems like I can't control my appet_te - my stomach's capacity seems to be getting bigger every day;)...Anita, thanks so much for your encouraging words, honestly, you made me feel better!!!


Tara - January 17

At my 12 week appt I was 111 lbs (I am 5'4"). I just had my 24 week appt this morning and I weighed 127 lbs...those 16 lbs are ALL in my belly. I feel humongous!


jamie - January 18

Im 5'3' and pre-preggo weight is 94 pounds, im currently 104, so ive gained 10 pounds and is at 20 weeks now...I am very particular about my weight, and hopefully, only gained max 12 pounds more til Im due...keeping my fingers crossed


Megan - January 18

Jamie, gaining a total of 22 pounds is not a safe goal for you. Women who are underweight are supposed to gain at least 30 pounds, and at 5'3, 94 pounds is extremely underweight. I suggest you focus on your growing child and not your vanity.



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