Smoking While Pregnant

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spoonfulofsugar - March 26

Hello Everyone, I am 15 weeks pregnant w/ my 3rd child. This pregnancy was a suprise and we are very excited. I have two boys and am hoping for a girl. My problem is I smoke cigs...I am wanting to quit and have even joined stamp out smoking, I have gone from 30 cigs a day to 12 a day, however, I still have the guilt that I am going to loose my baby or harm it. Does anyone have any advice. I love my new baby and want it to be healty, but am having a hard tme kicking my addiction. Thanks


bloodlust - March 26

I smoked when I first found out I was pregnant but due to guilt and the fact that they made me sick, I quit cold turkey. It was hard and still is a struggle but I've been managing just fine. That being said, it doesn't work for everyone. Just try to cut back as much as you can. You could try replacing the cigarettes with something else, maybe water, piece of fruit/candy gum or whatever. Have you talked to your doctor about this? Maybe they could recommend you some gums or patches? Also, you could try giving yourself one less cigarette a day until you are down to none. Just keep working at it :)


Tillie - March 27

I think you should think of smoking right now as simply not an option. It hurts, I know--I quit when I got pregnant. Literally found out and didn't pick up another cigarette again. (I had smoked for 12 years, so I spent several weeks clawing at the walls, but it DOES go away.) My feeling was: the pain of quitting smoking is part of being a mother. You do it for your baby because you love your baby more than yourself, because you created her and so have the responsibility of nurtering her, because motherhood is giving everything you have to this new life, because the risks so far outweigh the "pleasures". And because you have two other children who will need you for many years to come, too, and if you've ever lost anyone to lung cancer, you know that it is the ugliest, most painful and tragic thing to witness--no child should ever have to.


jmnoonan - March 29

This is not meant to scare you just to encourage you to quit. My Sister in-law smoked 5-10 cigarettes per day with my nephew throughout the whole preganacy. He was full term, but weighed only 4 lbs when he was born and had a collapsed lung. He also suffers from asthma now. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you, but I am sure your baby would appreciate it.


amanda103 - March 29

I quit smoking as soon as I found out I was pg. (okay, I had 1 cig about 2hrs after I got my BFP but that was it) I know it's hard, I smoked for 16 yrs and stopping cold turkey was hell! I chewed so much gum it gave me headaches. And I used to cuss out every other driver on the road:) But I'm better now, it only took a couple weeks. It still smells really good when someone lights up, but the desire is so easy to fight now. If you can't just stop (there are many who can't) talk to your dr. and ask what you can do. Maybe they can give you a low dose of the nicotine patch or gum until you quit, it's better than having the cig. Good Luck! I know how hard it is;) Keep us posted with your progress.


spoonfulofsugar - March 29

I guys, I'm trying. I talked to my doc and he said the patch and gum were out of the question because that is a constant dose of nicotene. I am down to 5 a day now. I seem to be developing anxiety. I think my biggest fear is the withdrawl symptoms. But I am going to quit...May 1st is my quit date. Thanks for all of your help.


Tillie - March 30

Withdrawls aren't fun, but what are you so afraid of? May 1st is six weeks away! You have a BABY inside you, trying to grow and thrive; six weeks is quite a lot more time to make him or her endure your cigarettes. I think what we're all saying here, is we know it's hard, we've done it ourselves--but DO it if you care about your child. Not six weeks from now, but now.


spoonfulofsugar - March 30

I guess maybe I should have put a little more info about myself. I picked up this terrible habit when I was 12. My mom was an alcoholic and life was very stressful. When I was 19 I was diagnosed with a heart condition. My normal heart rate is two times what it should be. I had heart surgery and it corrected some things but I still have the tacacardia. When I try to quit my heart rate increases. I have been to so many doctors to get help. I have two children already. I did smoke while pregnant with them and they were and still are healthy..however I still understand the risks. This is not something I am trying to defend, I hate my addiction, I am ready to quit....but when the withdrawl symptoms set just feels to painful. I know I will quit...I havent had a cig since my post yesterday...I am determined no matter what I have to go through that I am going to quit....I just don't want to make it worse for me or the baby in the process. But like I said...I have been without a cig since 4:30 yesterday afternoon. I have taken up sc___pbooking and am eating a lot of b__w-pops. I prayed really hard last night. Thanks you guys for your advice.


babyluv - March 30

Good for you spoonfull! You CAN do it. That is great that you haven't had one since yesterday. My sis in law smoked since she was 13 and she pa__sed 2 years ago from lung cancer. She left behind 2 teenagers and an 8 year old. It is just really sad. She thought she had bronchitis in April,diagnosed w/cancer in May and by that Nov. she was gone. I don't want to scare you, but encourage you to stop now. Best wishes to you and your baby!


Amy from Mn - March 30

I quit when I was around 12 weeks pregnant. I just woke up one morning and decided not to go outside and smoke, and have been smoke free ever since. I think for me it was kinda easy because my Husband doesn't smoke, it was the middle of winter and it is cold here in Mn, and I also have a 8 year old daughter and I wanted to be a good influence to her and teach her it is not ok to smoke!! Also I would have been too embara__sed to be showing and go to the gas station and ask for a pack of camels!!! I made sure I had some cigs left so I didn't feel like oh no I am out of smokes, I had some and I felt good knowing, hey I have a couple but I am not touching them. That made it easier for me. Also since you are pregnant you don't need to worry about the weight gain you might get from quitting. The one thing that I am worried about is, after I am done nursing(My son is 2 weeks old now) when my husband and I decide to go out to shoot a game of pool and have a beer, am I gonna be able to hold back from lighting up. Because when I did smoke, when I had a couple beers, I liked to smoke. But that is just another test of will power!! I think I'll be able to handle it but we'll see. Good luck to you being smoke free. It is hard but it is so worth it! Also with the money you save from not buying cigs, treat yourself with something nice! Like a ma__sage, manicure or pedicure! Or a new maternity outfit, which I have some listed on Ebay right now!!!! check out the tread that says anyone need maternity clothes, for an item number!!! Good luck becoming smoke free!!! ~Amy~


Betul - March 30

Good for you spoonfulofsugar! Keep it up and know we are here to support you! I quit smoking January 1st (New Years Resolution) and fell pregnant 2 weeks later. It was great motivation not to pick up a cigarette! I know a lot of people, including my mother, say that they smoked during their pregnancy and had perfectly healthy children but a lot of the effects of smoking on children arent noticable until they are older. Many studies today are discovering that children whose mothers smoked while pregnant overall have a more difficult time in school. Although these children are normal in IQ ranges, they have difficultly applying themselves, concentrating for a long periods of time, and are easily distracted. I look back on my report cards from my school years and these are the exact comments made by my teachers! Also the second hand smoke, as we know now, whether in the car or in the house is taking years off the life of our children even if they never pick up a cigarette. So, although some women may say, "I smoked while I was pregnant and I had a healthy baby", we should all realize that many of the effects of smoking while pregnant may not manifest itself until later. Why put our children at risk? Not all disabilities are physical.



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