Smooth Pregnancy Horrible Labor

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Jami - December 18

Im 23 weeks and so far i have had the best pregnancy any of the people i know have ever heard. I havn't had any morning sickness what so ever, i have plenty of energy, and best of all, im the same size everywhere i was before i got pregnant minus the little basket ball i have in front of me! If you look at me from behind, you dont even know that im pregnant. Now im starting to think that this is just all to easy and im going to get some pay back durring labor. Has anyone else been having a very smooth pregnancy? or better yet has anyone had a smooth pregnancy AND an easy labor? I know pregnancy and labor is different for every woman. But some feedback would be nice :)


Lyla - December 18

You and I are opposites! I have had the worst pregnancy ever with every awful symptom! I was even so sick I had to go to the hospital. Just going by the women in my family, those that had super-great pregnancies had really tough labor and those that had tough pregnancies ended up with a ceserean. I suppose you kind of have to pick your battle on which is worse (rough v____al labor or a c-section) Good luck and let us both hope the remaining time goes wonderfully!!


Kelly K - December 18

I had a great pregnancy too and ended up having horrible labor and ended up having a c-section. It don't think you can really predict it that way though. You may have an easy labor as well. Some women are just built to have babies.


to Jami - December 18

There's no rulebook. It can go either way or be all the little shades of grey between.


mel - December 19

I agree. there are no rulebooks. I think it differs from pregnancy to pregnancy too, rather than by woman. I've heard of women that have had beautiful pregnancies and painless deliveries with one baby and then turn around and the next pregnancy and delivery almost kills them! I didn't have any super-serious issues with my first pregnancy, but I had horrific heartburn and pain in my hips. was just miserable the whole pregnancy. then the delivery was a piece of cake. I always told people, I'd LOVE delivering them if someone else could be pregnant with them! ha


Kiddolebel - December 19

LOL! I had an easy pregnancy with my son and a terrible labor too, but that was due to other circ_mstances like I had a HUGE baby for the first time and other things. I agree, theres no rule book. Dont worry, im sure things will go just fine with your labor =) No need to worry or stress about it, enjoy the nice smooth pregnancy though, hehe. My pregnancy this time around has been interesting, total opposite of my sons so we'll see how it ends, hehe.


Me - December 19

I had a horrible first pregnancy with all the symptoms you can possibly imagine and my labour was 19 hours of intense contractions with no relief except for an epidural finally after 12 hours. My best friend on the other hand had a great pregnancy, hardly gaining any weight with alomost no symptoms and had a drug free 4 hour labour (pretty easy if you ask me!). You just can't predict it!


Tal - December 19

My friend had the easiest pregnancy, kept jogging up until the delivery. But the labor was bad, because the baby was coming out hand above her head, which made it so much more difficult to push. She managed to get her out as soon as she heard them discussing cesarean. She had a very quick and healthy recovery though. I think you cannot predict anything.


JennyC - December 21

Jami, I'm glad to find someone else who has had an easy pregnancy so far. I'm 27 weeks and never had any morning sickness or any real problems. I've gained a lot of weight, but it hasn't been a problem yet. Sometimes I'm embarresed (sp?) and feel guilty talking to mom's who are having it rough! I think we should definitely be grateful for how easy its been so far. I'm sure the uncomfortable stuff is coming! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.


Rachel.R - December 22

Yeh, i have had a good pregnancy.. I think everyones second trimester is a fairly good time.. I had no morning sickness nothing, heaps of energy, still was wearing the same pants too, i felt great, up until about 28 weeks.. everything started to change. You will notice big changes as you hit the third trimester.. your only 23 weeks now, which is a really good time, starting to feel bubba move, and not in any real pain or discomfort. Im 36 weeks, and after my great first 2 trimesters, im in hell, i cant sleep, my pelvic pain is unbearable alot of time time, i cant walk properly, need help getting out of bed, even have to wake my boyfriend in the middle of the night to help me up to the loo. I cant sit too long, i cant stand too long, im getting indigestion all the time from the constant pressure on my stomach from bub. Bubs getting really heavy, and her kicks are getting really strong... also the braxton hicks contractions have really started to set in, in the past few weeks, Tightening all the time, on and off. So, just see how you go..... hopefully you dont experience even half of the pain i have in the past 6-8 weeks. Goodluck with everything. I hope your third trimester is as great as your first two. Look after yourself. mwah.. :-)



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