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Donna - December 13

Hiya i dont know if this is anything to do with pregnancy but i'll give it a bash anyway lol... im 22 weeks pregnant and since i started my second trimester ive been sneezing ALOT now i havnt got a cold or no other illness i just find my self sneezing all the time constantly... am i alone on this or do other experience the same type of thing? please leave a post :))


E - December 13

I had the same problem but in my first trimester. All of a sudden, I was sneezing every day, multiple times per day, and it was not due to an illness. I posted the same question here but people did not have much insight and there is no literature about it. I think it may have to do with swollen nasal cavities and increased blood flow. You are definitely not alone:)


bry - December 13

I noticed that I have been sneezing a lot, getting close to the end of 2nd trimester, thinking it could have something to do with the fact that my nose has been really dry lately. maybe something to do with the extra blood flow


Donna - December 14

Thanks glad to know im not alone on this one lol it's really annoying i must sneeze 5 times in the space of 15mins lol be lucky if i reach uptoo half an hour without sneeze :)


w - December 14

ye i also have been sneezing alot througout the whole of my 1st trimester. It seems to be calming down. i think it's coz your nose becomes more sensative maybe.


Heather - December 29

I've been sneezing like crazy!!! I was beginning to wonder if I had something wrong. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I'm 19 weeks and I think I sneeze at least once an hour while at work...I don't notice it as much at home, because I don't always have someone "blessing" me! lol


Gina - December 29

I have been sneezing a lot too! I was glad to see your message. I guess it is normal, maybe some immune system thing that happens? good luck!


Kelley - December 29

I have been having the same problem too! It is so strange! It seems like ever since I found out that I was pregnant I sneeze like crazy. I am not one to sneeze that often normally. Glad I'm not the only one. :)


Crystal - December 30

Just reading this made me sneeze:) I hve been doing that a lot. I am now in the second trimester (14 Wks) and it may be slowing down a little. Good luck.


katherine - April 18

Hi am not sure if am pregnant as am waiting to see if i start my peroid but i have had alot of prenancy symtoms, tired, feeling sick, etc but also i have been sneezing. i dont have a cold or suffer hay fever, i just keep sneexing about a dozen times a day for no reason.


Leahp - April 18

FINALLY!! I was wondering the same thing forever, mine started before I found out I was pregnant, so it happened immediatley, I constantly said to my mother, is this a symptom! I'm now 18 weeks and still sneezing strong!! It feels great but what the hell is going on????


Audrea - April 19

I am 14 weeks and have also been sneezing for awhile now. Not only that, but my sneezing pattern has changed. Every time I sneeze it is one on top of the other every time. It's weird, I never have been a sneezer before, but especially when I first wake up I sneeze.


Laura - April 23

Yes i know wha tyou mean, i am 18 wks and i am sneezing like crazy, btw that and the round ligament pains, i feel like a mess!


Gen - April 24

With my first child I didn't sneeze but this one I'm sneezing like crazy. If I'm not sneezing throughout the day constantly than I end up throwing sneezing fits, 7-8 sneezes in a row about every couple of hours. I'm not sure how far along I am I can't be more than 4 weeks though. It was after week of sneezing and other things that I got tested. hehe Happy times.


diana - April 24

hello, i am 16 weeks pregnant and sneezing a lot myself. my doctor told me that it is normal to produce more hystamine when you are pregnant, therefore resulting in more sneezing.


lyn - April 24

I sneeze alot also. when i brush my teeth, when im getting ready to put food in my mouth...all the time. I used to only sneeze like 1 or 2 times a month. thank god someone is having this also. i was begining to feel like i was the only one.


lyn - April 24

I also do the "double barreled sneeze" (thats what my husband calls it) Audrea.



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