Sneezing Effect During Pregnancy

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aayyeennaa - December 29

hi to all~! and happy holidays im just wondering is sneezing often affect the baby? will it form abnormalities? I'm 17 weeks now and throughout the pregnancy I sneez probably im now more sensitive to dust compared while i wasnt pregnant and it bothers me sometimes I sneez hard and im feeling pain on my abdomen i just hold it back so it wont feel the pressure of sneezing I am worried that my baby may have some defects cause of my frequent sneezing..... Anyone have an idea what can be the result of it? Some words of advice is very much appreciated thanxx!


iemc19 - December 29

The blood vessels in your nose are increased for the extra blood your body pumps during pregnancy...This can cause you to have a blocked nose feeling or sneezing etc...I had it for the first time this preg - this is child no.4...Actually until I'd read your thread I hadn't even realised that it had stopped - for maybe the last 3/4 weeks - I'm 28 weeks now - I really don't think you need to worry about your baby - it will be more uncomfortable for you than the baby!!


SaraH - December 29

Ummm...that's deffinatlye a question I've never heard asked before. LOL. Anyways, no sneezing is not going to cause any abnormalities/defects in the baby. It should be fine.


Faye84 - December 29

If It would cause defects to the baby then we are ALL in trouble, just think how much the baby moves around when you are walking, or tossing and turning in bed, or even getting out of the couch! Those babies are tough cookies!


aayyeennaa - December 31

thanks for those positive words youve given. I hope you all have a smooth pregnancy ahead. I saw some site talk about it and they said its rhinitis of pregnancy if theres no other symptoms but when accompany with coughing pain headache and etc that may lead to viral infection... fyi :) thank and happy new year to all!!!!


Pregnant_Pixie - January 3

I am almost 14 weeks and have the same problem. I suffer with sinus and have sneezing fits most mornings and evenings. I too feel a terrible pain in my abdomen when I sneeze and I was also concerned but I asked my doctor and she said that it was nothing to worry about. I still feel a little concerned though because when it hurts me, I am concerned about it hurting my baby. I find that lifting my knees up towards my stomach in the fetal position almost, when I am about to sneeze really helps with the uncomfortable pain. :)


aayyeennaa - January 3

hi pregnant_pixie sometimes you cant prevent sneezing with strong pressure (it releives a lot) try to hold on your low abdomen when sneezing it may help it ease the pain cause of the pressure sneezing....


Cosmo - January 6

I have the same problem. Occasionally I get hayfever at this time of year and over the past month whenever I sneeze I get a sharp twinge of pain in my lower abdomen in the one spot. I was a little concerned about it as it does hurt. Thank you ladies for putting my mind at rest and its also good to know I am not alone in this, sneezing causing abdomen pain, my godness! Quite funny when you think about it. Pregnancy does strange things to our bodies thats for sure, lol. Hope everyone is well. Apart from the silly sneezing I feel on top of the world at 14wks tomorrow! Have felt a slight flutter in the past two days and it shocked and excited me at the same time. Happy Pregnancies To You All!



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