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Barb - December 1

Ok, I am 14 weeks pregnant. Just entered the second trimester. I am hungry ALL THE TIME!! I have so far gained 5lbs. I started out average weight for my height. So, I dont feel my weight gain is too bad...I guess. I eat probably about 2,000 calories/day. I could probably do more than that, but I force myself not to keep going. I would hardly consider 2,000 cal's/day starving myself, but that's what I feel like I'm doing b/c I actually feel hunger pains all the time. I'm really frustrated by women who sit there and are so "PERFECT LITTLE PREGNANT WOMEN". Only eating like 1500 cals/day and walking like 3 or 4 miles/day. I mean...what??? I am too damn tired after work to do that kind of working-out, and too damn hungry all the time to only eat like 1300 to 1500 cal's/day. anyone else feel this way??


Lisa - December 1

Barb, as long as you are maintaing a healthy weight don't compare yourself with other pregnant women as we are all different and we all carry our pregnancies diferently. Sometimes when you think you may be hungry, you might actually be thristy as well. Try a gla__s of milk or water first and if you are still hungry then get some food. I do that and sometimes I'm just thirsty and sometimes I am really hungry and the liquid does not do it. Try eating around 6 small meals during the day as that helps as well; it keeps your metabolism going at a steady rate and you're not stretching your stomach with huge portions. I don't walk 3-4 miles per day and I don't count calories, I just listen to my body and so far my weight has been really good through this pregnancy. I've gained about 16 pounds now and I'm 26 weeks.


tiffany - December 1

hey, im 17 weeks and starving all the time too. i know im not just thirsty because i drink liquids all day long. i dont work out or walk....and i dont even count calories. when im hungry i eat, even if i just ate a half hour ago. I dont compare myself to anyone either, we are all different....I kindof just listen to what my mom tells me about her pregnancys...i am the oldest of six. so i think she knows a thing or two. i have gained 9 pounds so far, and i have an appointment on the 20th, and im sure that number is going to rise significantly because i never stop eating!!!!


Diane - December 1

Barb... I had to respond. I started sound JUST like me!!! I hate the perfect little pregnant women! Well, I don't really hate them, but I'm really, really jealous of them! I am 20 weeks pregnant and started out average weight for my height and have gained 12 pounds so far...and NOT all in my belly. It seems to be in my b___t and hips and thighs. I'm STARVING all the time and am still to tired to regularly workout. Before becoming pregnant I would workout daily...not motto seems to be eat, eat, eat...then get depressed b/c I ate so much and didn't workout...o'well 20 weeks to go!


Lisa*9 - December 1

I ate all the time in my other 2 pg's but have two boys. This one is different I am not hungry as much.


to Barb - December 2

Honestly, don't drive yourself crazy counting calories. Just eat healthy stuff... and I don't mean "fat free" or "low carb" junk. I mean fruits & veggies & whole foods & proteins.... No woman I know is the perfect pregnant woman. We're all different. And remember that saying "child bearing hips"? Well how do skinny little waifs fare with childbirth compared to voluptuous womanly women? Tha__sss right! :)


Kelli - December 4

I am starving all the time too. I am only 13 weeks and have gained 23 pounds already. Talk about not counting calories!!!!!!! I was 122 and now am 145. Wow. I don't care though---good weight gain is for healthy pregnancy. Who has the energy to walk even one mile ????????:)


angie - December 4

I envy all you guys I wish I could eat that way but I'm 14 weeks now and not hungry at all sometimes i'm afraid i'm going to cause harm to my baby by not eatimg but i don't seem to have an apett_te at all. Now a day i have everyone chasing me with food to shove down my throat but I don't feel hungry at all.


Katie - December 5

I am 18 weeks pregnant and just woke up being hungry for the first time. Does it happen every night?


Jamie - December 5

I am 23 weeks and get so hungry sometimes that I feel my stomach ache. I of course eat. I don't like to be uncomfortable and find that aching really uncomfortable. 14 weeks and 5 pounds sounds like you are doing fine. Most people I know gain about 35-40lbs. As for those women that are perfect and little.................for some it's genetic, for others, they are so afraid of being big that they deny themselves and there baby. I can't stand the people who watch everything you put in your mouth. I feel like my in-laws are watching me to make sure I am not pigging out or something (they are so weight concisous and it something I never had to worry about until now). Relax and eat.



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