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sarahdavid - July 28

im so tired of worrying. i just want to feel my baby move like everyone else. im 23 weeks pregnant and i do feel her move but not very often. maybe once in the morning and a couple times at night when im laying on my side. i never feel her when im sitting or standing. ive talked to my doctor and they dont seem to think anything of it but everything i read says she should be moving around like crazy. am i alone in this??


snappy - July 28

I have a two year old daughter.. while I was pregnant with her I think I felt her kicking maybe a half a dozen times throughout the entire 9 months. I would feel her in the evenings mostly, and the feeling I had was more like she was sc___ping my uterus. I used to say "oh she is sc___ping the bottom again" because the sc___ping feeling was very low in my abdomen. When I had an ultrasound around 18 weeks the technician told me that the baby was very active. I told her I couldn't feel her at all - she said it was too early and because my placenta is on the back wall of my uterus I wont feel her much anyway. I started feeling her at around 24 weeks, and as I said, it used to be mostly scarping type of feeling, and swishing around. From about 30 weeks on when the baby was bigger I could feel her turning and stretching but that was seldom too. I would mostly feel her when laying down - early mornings and late evening - try not to worry too much - as long as your feel her at some time during the day or night everything is OK. Sometimes I used to lay down during the day after drinking a big cup of orange juice just to see if I could feel her. You are still early in the pregnancy, but as the baby grows you will feel the baby stronger and stronger. I hope this helps - good luck.


mjvdec01 - July 29

The baby is moving, she just isn't strong enough yet for you to feel her consistently. With my first, I didn't feel movement until 22 weeks. Even then it was spotty at best, but she was moving. I just had our second child on July 17th and first felt movement at 15 weeks. It is different with subsequent pregnancies because you know what to look for and how it really feels. I am sure everything is fine.


julepowers - July 29

I know how you feel. All of my friends felt their babies move so early in their pregnancy, however I didn't really feel much until over 30 weeks! I felt fluttering and only once in awhile, but after 30 weeks I could really start to feel it and then all of a sudden my DH could feel it too. It happened all at once. Everyone is diifferent, so try not to be discouraged. You will definitely feel the baby soon and believe me, I'm now 35 weeks and she's given me some BAD kicks! I almost wish it wasn't so frequent these days, even though it's rea__suring. Good luck! :)


snappy - July 31

Sorry, I meant to say my placenta was on the front wall of my uterus "anterior placenta" and when that happens the placenta cushions the baby's movements.


Keldalynn - August 1

My first pregnancy , I was really worried for the same reason. I finally realzed she was confused...her days and nights were reversed...she was totally active at night and would sleep most of the day...a few imes twords the end of the pregnancy she actually woke me up with all the moving around. Maybe this is your situation?



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