So Not Hungry

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??? - May 5

i keep reading about how everyone is STARVING and i'm the opposite! i have noticed i can't eat even close to what i was eating before i got preggers... am i weird???


Audrea - May 5

You are not weird. I couldn't even force myself to eat the first 15 weeks of pregnancy. I lost a lot of weight due to all day sickness and vomiting everything I ate. I finally feel soooo much better now that I am almost 18 weeks. I still get sick from time to time, but it never is an all day ordeal anymore. I started slowing down on vomiting in week 15 and it started skipping days the week after that. Now I wake up and don't even feel nauseaus right away anymore, sometimes not at all during the day either. What a relief it is to finally feel normal again and to be able to eat. Most of the bad food aversions have also gone away. Just know that it will get better, but only at your own body's pace.


Julie - May 5

I also am not very hungry. With my son I was hungry all the time but this time sometimes the thought of food makes me sick. I had morning sickness really bad and still have it occasionally (I'm 17 weeks). I feel like I'm not getting enough food. I make sure I take my prenatal vitamins and eat 3 meals a day but do not feel like snacking in between.


chel - May 5

I'm having the same problem. I'm just not hungry. I am amost 16 weeks and have only gained 1/2 a pound. My doctor wants me to gain a pound a week for the next 12 weeks. I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm no hungry and nothing sounds good. I've been drinking lots of milk and eating alot of salads. That's all that sounds good to me. With mu first child I gained 26 lbs. and 24 lbx. with number 2.


Heidi - May 5

During my first trimester I was sick but yet hungry constantly. I ate all the time to calm my tummy and now in my second trimester I'm not sick at all and I don't get hungry like before. I don't even snack very much. Plus I gained quite a bit from my eating phase so I'm trying not to overdo it in the second trimester. I had cravings really bad in the first trimester but now they're gone.


~S~ - May 5

I was the same way, I was even losing weight because I was eating less than prepregnancy. You're body needs a higher intake of calories now that you're pregnant, so eating a bit more (healthy obviously) is required. I was like this until recently. I'm not enterning my 6th month and as of a few weeks ago, I've found that I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HUNGRY! All the flippin time. I get so hungry that I feel like I'm going to pa__s out if I don't eat something hahah. Of course I won't over endulge in something bad, I'll make a healthy sandwhich or something like that, but it seems my hungry never stops lol. I've also noticed I'm starting to pack on the weight =o(


~S~ - May 5

Opps...I meant to say "I'm NOW entering 6months...."



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