So So So Scared

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Mary-Kate - March 18

I am 15 weeks pregnant and last month I went in for an ultrasond and they saw more then 3 babies, I was in complete shock, then it hit me triplets wouldnt be so bad..Well 2 days ago I was at my OB appt. and the doctor was confused when he was hearing the heatbeats of the babies, he sent me down to the ultrasound room right away and they did a ultrasound on me... Much to his surprise he found 2 more babies..I was even in more shock.The doctor confirmed that I was going to be having 5 babies..This is where the so so so scared comes in, I already have 6 kids ranging in ages of 13 to 2 years old. My husband thinks it's cool but im a wreck...How am I going to take care of 11 kids? Im so scare I dont know what to do.


RAQUEL - March 18



Phoebe - March 18

Cool... it's like puppys! *grin* Just kidding... Were you on fertility drugs, or does it run in your family? I wish I had twins or triplets. :( Then I won't have to try again... Either way it's all good... and definately good luck...


w - March 18

Oh wow that is amazing! I'm not sure how u would cope I suppose it's just one of things that you just have to get on with. If it makes u feel any better my mum had 8 children all different ages but a yr gap and teh last were twins, she got thru but boy we were a handful!


Mary-Kate - March 18

Phoebe.... No I was not on fertility drugs, multiple births run in the family. I already have a set of twins, my 2 year olds, and they are a handful I must say.With this pregnancy I was going to get my tubes tied but when they did routine blood work they said we can't because I had a positive preg test. You can bet after this pregnancy is over im getting my tubes tied.My husband told me lastnight that he wanted more kids.I started laughing and said no Now I feel like the lady on tv who has 14 kids and shes pregnant again.. The show is called "14 kids and pregnant again" it was on discovery health a month I still don't know how im going to cope with 11 kids :O(


Lucky1 - March 18

I'm scared for you MK, Just remember that it is a blessing... and if this happened naturally then it is something that God wants for you.... I just can't beleive you're having 5 at 1 time.... That's amazing. Maybe you should be on the Discovery Health Channel with your own story...." 6 Children and Pregnant with Quints" :o)). Well, I'm sure you are so overwhelmed with emotions right now but I'm still gonna say Congratulations. Hope all goes well!!


jen - March 19

heck, who needs sleep anyway??!! not sure where you are from but i think in england you could receive help from the government. very best of luck x


vix - March 20

CONGRATULATIONS, AND GOOD LUCK. Just remember some ladies cant have children and the trying every month must be torture. I think God thinks you can handle it, and things happen for a reason.


k - March 20

This sounds shallow but it's not meant to be at all. I can only imagine how crazy your life will be. AND expensive. We are trying to figure out how to afford three though I'm only on my first. Inform your local news. Someone else joked about the tv show and, while I think that would make life even crazier, there is something to be sais about getting some attention and freebies around birth time. You never know. Thank goodness you have kids up to 13. They can help! Take things one very crazy day at time. It's the best all of us can do. Lucky1 is right, you have to see this as a blessing. All the very best!!


Rae - March 20

WOW talk about mixed blessings. Your going to need help.


Phoebe - March 21

MK if possible... *gushing* see if you can post an ultrasound picture for us to see... that would me so cool... Are you on bedrest or anything yet... I am having one... not even big and love my self given bedrest... I would definately good for the freebies too if I was in your position, because I don't know how I would be able to do it... My baby isn't out yet, and I am going to start a joint checking account with my fiance, $400 a month... so all and only baby stuff would come from there...


Mary-Kate - March 21

Im not worried at all about money. My husband is a homicide detective and makes very good money. I was a lion handler at our local zoo and also made good money.Im not the person who takes freebies even if they were offered to me. I know that sounds weird but that's just the way I am. I would love to post ultrasound pictures, but I don't know how to do it. If anybody out there knows how to do that please let me know and I would gladly post them. Im not really on bed rest yet but later on during the pregnancy the doctor said theres a good chance that I might have to be on it.I know this pregnancy is a complete blessing from god, and im very happy that I am pregnant. I wouldn't change it for the world. I know im going to be ok raising them, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything. But I know everything will be ok.


Carol - March 25

MK, you're carrying 5 miracles and should be happy and proud...don't worry about how you're going to handle it, instead enjoy every single minute of it...I'm reading "Daily Riches" and it just opened my eyes to many miracles that are happening in my life that I wasn't aware of...if you have some time, read it too... God bless you and your kids!


Maleficent - March 25

i'm the oldest of 12 kids. my parents had 7 then adopted 5. it can be done. we're all turning out pretty good so far.


Brenda - March 25

Hey Mary-Kate don't worry I have 13 chilren ranging in ages of 18-2 months.I had my triplets 2 months ago, which was a blessing.It, is very hard to raise so many children.Altho, I only have 12 of the 13 living with me.My 18 year old daughter,live on her campus at college.If, you need any help or anything just email me at [email protected]


vmchatters - March 28

Just remember all you have to do is take one day at a time and you are not alone. Be sure to utilize the support of family and friends. Thinking about everything at once can be overwhelming. But anyone can handle one day at a time and one problem at a time. You'll have help and support. I say go for it in regards to getting the community involved! That is one of those subjects that people love to respond to and help out with. I believe God doesn't give you more than you can handle even if you think you can't. You have it in you to do this. I loved that show about the family with 14 kids and 1 on the way. I really wanted to call that mom and ask her how she stays so calm and how her kids had such a great att_tude towards chores etc. (I ask my kids to load the dishwasher and they act like I cut an arm off with their crying and carrying on) And how was she so organized. I really think that was the key....great organization! I'm sure there are lots of resources as well. Forums for multiples etc. Use this time before they come to arm yoursel f with the ammunition of knowledge! You can do this! We are all behind you. I am one of 6 kids and though we had no multiples I loved being part of a large family! "Where there is a will there is a way" is a great motto! Congratulations 5 times over and best wishes. Keep us posted on how you are doing. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.



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