So This Is Why We Wear Maternity Clothes

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Jen - November 9

This isn't a question. It's an observation/suggestion. I'm in my second trimester, and I've been fighting to fit into my "normal" clothes these past several weeks. I would convince myself that as long as the pants were in place, even if it meant not buttoning them, zipping them halfway, or wearing them low on my hips, then I could continue to refrain from spending the money on maternity clothes. Well, this morning, I finally pulled on my first pair of maternity pants, and I think I heard the baby say "ahhhhh." This really is much more comfortable! If you've been holding out on venturing into the world of maternity-clothes, as a skeptic myself, I highly recommend taking the leap. Your belly will thank you for it!


I agree - November 9

I got my stuff really early bcuz I was so uncomfortable. I think I started in my first trimester lol! Anyways even if they are a little big (which mine were) they are soooo comfortable. I LOVE the pants at target bcuz they are stretchy in the back and look like regular pants in the front. They also have little b___tons on the inside to make the waist bigger or smaller...just my two cents!


erin - November 9

Maternity clothes are so much better than they used to be! I remember thinking with my first (and this is only four years ago) that I would never find anything non-hideous to wear. But now I could spend tons of money on maternity clothes b/c they are all so comfortable and nice!


Terra - November 9

I am having that problem now, with the "nice pants" I have to leave them completely unb___toned and fold them over, then try and find a top that will go OVER it.. I need to shop soon for maternity...


K - November 9

I was fighting it as well! Just didn't really want to spend the $ but I'm glad I did! You can't put a price on comfort! :)


kr - November 9

Going without maternity clothes is like jogging w/o a bra.


JP - November 10

I started wearing my maternity pants at about 10 weeks (I had severe bloating and although I could of done the b___ton hole thing and all that, I just wasn't confortable). Needless to say, once you put on your maternity pants your done. They are so comfortable (even if sometimes the small is to big). I still wear some non-maternity tops every once in a while, (I find some maternity tops make you look huge). I will be 20 weeks Saturday. Other than the weight gain (about 10 pounds so far) preganancy is such a great experience. Good Luck to all of you and have fun shopping.


Mandi - November 10

I too am in love with the Target line of Maternity fashionable and comfortable...the best of both worlds. I have bought clothes elsewhere (Old Navy, Motherhood, etc...) but none compare to the comfort of the Target brand.


mls - November 10

I really like motherhood's clothes. Don't like their prices though.


Bee - November 10

I don't mind wearing maternity clothes but I had to pay $65 for a pair of jeans and $49 for decent pants. I wish they wouldn't charge so much :(


Em - November 10

I've bought all of my maternity clothes at target, and for really reasonable prices...nothing more than $25, and I found some pants on clearance last week for $8.


karen - November 10

I want to know how you all are finding such great clothes at Target. I looked there and they barely had anything. Maybe it was just that particular store. I love Old Navy's clothes, but I have been wearing one of those bella bands over my unzipped regular pants. Anyone else tried that? Works pretty well.


em - November 10

Maybe it does depend on the store. I guess I just lucked out? I haven't looked at any Target stores other than the one by my house...


Lisa - November 10

I hear yah! I love my maternity clothes. I picked up some really nice ones off of ebay and a few more expensive pieces so I could feel good and look good when I'm carrying; and I do! It's made all the difference and I'm comfortable! I love my maternity clothing...never thought I would say that.


I totally agree... - November 10

I like my maternity clothes better than my regular wardrobe. Is that pathetic?



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