So Uncomfortable

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seanandmya - March 6

Hi girls , so I'm 25 weeks now and I am soooo uncomfortable allll the time ! I have heartburn from the moment I wake up , the dog is shedding and I dread vacc_ming cause it makes it worse . It's especially annoying when I'm trying to sleep . This is my third preg and I don't everremember being this uncomfortable with my first two . My back is constantly aching , I'm almost walking with a limp because of the pain sometimes . Though I try to disguise it as a pregnancy waddle , lol . And when I finally do get comfortable at the end of the day I'm either hungry or I have to pee . Is there no end to this torture !!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh . Ok just had to vent : D


Cad0587 - March 6

I'll be 25 weeks Saturday and I'm pretty uncomfortable all the time! Especially when I bend over to pick something up, whether I'm at work or at home I make this noise like "UUUUUGH" haha I guess more for comedic effect but it still feels like that! My back hurts a lot when I'm at work because I'm on my feet a lot and I understand the being hungry or having to pee thing because I am ALWAYS either hungry or have to pee or both.


MNMOM - March 6

luckily, my back is not sore yet, unless I spend the whole day walking around with heels on! I am 24 weeks though and tying shoes and putting on socks is humorous, it's tough to bend over the belly and reach! I need spring so I can just slip into sandals!!! The peeing every 50 minutes is the worst, so annoying when you feel like you have to pee gallons and then you only really have a few drops!


JerseyGirl - March 6

I'll be 26 weeks on Thursday (first pregnancy) and my lower back is sore all the time - it's worst when I sleep. Sometimes walking up the stairs is an effort, and forget about getting dressed or bending down to tie a shoe... slip-ons are all the rage for me now! It's all for good reason though, right?!


seanandmya - March 6

Yes the tying the shoes thing is awful ! 15 more weeks to go , 15 more weeks to go ....... I'm practically clock watching ! I know people say that you should do your best to enjoy every minute of a healthy pregnancy but thats easier said than done . I've always gotten fed up towards the end but never this early .



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