So When Are You Guys Signing Up For Labor Lamaz Classes

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Crystal - October 31

Just curious - when are you guys signing up for classes? I'm not sure when to register for them. I'm 24 weeks right now, so when would be a good time?


Beth - October 31

The cla__ses fill up really fast, so if you want to get into them at all I would recommend calling now, even if you don't want to take them until your in your third trimester. I phoned a couple of weeks ago and they told me they were all booked up for 2005...I snuck in on a cancellation, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten in!


Charlene - October 31

I will be 22 weeks tomorrow and have already signe dup for mine. They put you in a clss closer to your due date. We do not start until January and it is 6 weeks long. They do recomend you sign up early as they do fill up quickly.


lmrod55 - October 31

I just signed up this weekend for a cla__s that is 4 weeks long and starts at the end of Nov. Right now I am 25 weeks along.


Jennifer - October 31

I'm not going to take any lamaz cla__ses. I don't believe Lamaz helps as much as hinders. The breathing techniches they tell you to use actually tighten your body more than help you relax. From everyone I've talked to who's had home deliverys, a wide open loose mouth helps to relax, and the tight panting of the lamaz technique cause your whole body to tighten up, which hinders labor and makes it take longer.


Crystal - October 31

Thanks for the input guys. I just didn't want to call to early & seem too anxious. This is my first & it seems when I ask my doctor he just tells me not to worry about it for a while. *Sigh* Good guy, but he almost seems way too casual to me.


shelly - October 31

I'm 25 weeks and already signed up for mine. I'll be 30 weeks when I go, at my hospital they said they fill up fast so I signed up when I was about 22 weeks. Me and my husband have a very busy schedule so I wanted to go when I wanted to go and not just when there was room.



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