Soaking Through My Underwear Amp Pants

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kristi-77 - September 23

I know this is TMI but I'm curious/worried. As some of you know I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and so far so good. I'm 23 weeks but measuring 24weeks. I've been soaking through my clothes. It comes and goes. It smells bad and I've been checked twice and they say I'm not leaking. Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be the fluid or could I be leaking urine without knowing it?


melluvsmik - September 23

What do you mean it smells bad? Does it smell like ammonia (sp?) because that is a sign of urine. I have a little leaking going on and it has a werd smell to it, I wouldnt call it a bad smell, I really do not know what to call it, just a different smell, but as long as I war pantyliners, I am okay. If I do not it will wet my panties and dampen my pants, but the doc said my fluid looks fine, so not to worry. Easier said than done. How did they check you? Did they test the fluid you ar leaking to be sure it is not ammniotic fluid? I know they can do that by having you wear a pantyliner type thing and then they can test that.


kristi-77 - September 23

I can't describe the smell either. Sometimes it smells like amonia but I'm not sure. I soak through the panty liners also. One time my doctor had me cough and nothing came out and then she had some kind of test strip that she inserted that suppose to turn a certain color if it is fluid and it wasn't. I think I'm going to call on Monday just to make sure. Thanks for your response. :)


Buffi R. - September 23

If they didn't already, see if they'll check you for a v____al bacterial infection as well. Signs of this are increased v____al fluids and a strange odor, unlike anything else you've ever smelled before. If that's what you have, you need to get on antibiotics ASAP before it causes uterine irritation and contractions. They should be able to swab you again and check it quickly in the office's lab.


January - September 24

It's normal.. I'm 31wks and I've been wearing a maxi pad for about 3 mo.


sahm2alaj - September 24

i have noticed excess fluid, but not to the point were I feel i am leaking. Just more of an uncomfortable feeling.


kristi-77 - September 24

Thank you all. I went to the doctor today and everything is okay. :) :) She said it was v____al discharge and that some women's body temperaturs liquidify the thickness and makes it seem like fluid. So I guess I"m ust liquidfing myself..haha.. Thanks for all your comments and advice. Good luck to you all :)



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