Soda Is It That Bad

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Lindsay J. - January 31

I have a question, I drink a soda here and there, Is it really that bad for the baby. I just can't help it, I am addicted.


krc - January 31

I dont know how it affects the baby but I know soda overall is very bad for you. But still I crave it here and there also, I just force myself to drink water or eat a piece of fruit when I have a sugar craving.


Tillie - January 31

I love soda too, so I switched to natural soda. The additives in things like Pepsi and Coke are definitely bad for you and baby, not to mention the high fructose corn syrup. Natural soda is really good, it's just made with real ingredients, like sugar instead of corn syrup. Biggest thing to remember: don't drink diet soda. A lot of research is currently being done to figure out how chemicals (like Splenda and other fake sugars) can hurt a fetus, not to mention US! Staying away from chemicals while pregnant is always your safest bet.


liz - January 31

Soda is not "bad" for you! Is it healthy? NO. Is it the best choice you can make when thursty? No. Is it going to cause you or your baby irriversable harm? NO If you like soda and you must drink it...go ahead..if it's on occasion. If soda is the only thing you drinking lately you might want to think about alternating. Like every three gla__ses of water you can have a soda. I did this with both my kids and they are perfectly healthy boys.


Kiddolebel - January 31

Im with Liz and my dr also told me the same during this pregnancy AND my last. My son came out fine too.


pbj - January 31

I agree with Liz, it's just that it's dehydrating. So what I did when I was pregnant, for every caffinated drink I had I would follow with 3-4 gla__ses of water. Besides, you'll know if you do get dehydrated cause you'll feel like c___p...and I don't know about anyone else but I got cramps when I was pregnant and dehydrated.


Ba8y6irl - January 31

I moderation I think its just fine... just dont overdue it. I'll have maybe 3 pops a week... usually pepsi or dr. pepper


Shell - January 31

Its just full of sugar. So try to go for diet or sugar free and definitely try to avoid caffeine. And like the girls are suggesting, drink in moderation. The best thing for you is milk and water as I understand it. I live on milk and water!


Megan - January 31

Coke is the only thing that I could drink to curb my nausea during my first trimester. I agree with everyone who said drinking pop in moderation is ok, but I would definately stay away from the diet pops.


Jen - January 31

Yes, stay away from diet pop. It's all chemicals.


angel - February 1

its the caffein that ur not supposed to have. Im sure it cant be bad every once inna while. Its not great for u but u can still have non caffeinated sodas like gingeral and sprite


Ba8y6irl - February 1

Diet Soda is not good to drink when you are pregnant because of the aspartame in it... you aren't even supposed to give young children diet soda...


iakram - February 1

hi i have to agree with the person above anything with aspertame is not good. i have a question though what about gum, since the beginning i've needed to chew gum to stop myself from vomiting but all the gum's i see have aspertame and are sugar free..any one's that have sugar in them? i've had to resort to hard candy jolly ranchers


Tillie - February 1

Iakram, you're smart to stay away from aspertame--all fake sugars are chemicals, and definitely not good for a teeny-tiny growing fetus. I say, eat like the stars! "Lean, Clean and Green." Anyway, as for mint gum: doublemint? Those old-school gums have real sugar.


Ba8y6irl - February 1

yeah I would go with the sugar gum rather than the aspertame gum... a little sugar never hurt anyone, if anything it makes your baby even sweeter!


iakram - February 2

hi tillie and ba8y6girl! thanks for the advice...hum i'm going to check out and see if we have doublemint...i'm sure we from Canada, Toronto so sometimes the candies in the US don't always make it down here! heh heh Just wanted to know how far along are you ladies? I'm at 14 weeks now due first week of Aug :)


Ba8y6irl - February 2

hey ikram I am in Toronto too! for sure you will find gum with sugar in it :)



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