Solution To Unwanted Belly Touching

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:) - May 8

Try this, it is SOO funny. When a stranger comes up to you and starts feeling your belly, just keep on talking to them like you don't notice and reach over and start rubbing their belly. I hate it when strangers touch my belly, and this really makes them think twice!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 8

That is funny. I might have try it, although I don't know if I want to touch someone elses belly!!!:)


C - May 8

That is sooo funny!! Some people have alot nerve just touching someones belly - after 3 pregnancies myself, I always "ask" friends or relatives that are expecting if I can feel before reaching out! As for strangers, I don't even feel comfortable touching their stomachs!!! I am not sure if I will be brave enough to try your idea - but I will keep it in mind:) Thanks!!!


Misty - May 8

:-) I did something like that once, but to a friend of mine. I think it is weird period for someone to just start patting and coong at my belly, especiaaly when my baby only weighs about 5 ounces right now and is only anout 5 inches long. So, this one girl reached out and patted my belly one day and I laughed at her, she asked me why I was laughing and I looked at her and reached out and started patting her belly and cooing at it...kind of like....get the hint?!?! :-) She hasn't done it since. Perhaps at 37 weeks...but 17? Nope.


:) - May 8

I had an elderly lady on the bus reach out and touch my belly with my first pregnancy and i had no warning, i felt so violated, so i reached out and rubbed hers. The look on her face was just priceless.


Misty - May 8

Seriously, what is it with that anyways? It isn't like they will feel anything but your bally, the baby won't know anything, and what the hell are they getting out of it. It just seems so weird.


Misty - May 8

Oops. Belly.


Caroll - May 23

If your curent children are not ready for a new brother or sister, just tel them that you had the baby for your own enjoyment..... if you know what i mean :p


Anna - May 23

That's a good one. You know what I hate even more than random belly rubs? Completely strange personal comments about how big/small I am, how my skin looks, etc. I even had a waiter ask me if it was my first baby, and when I said, "No, it's my third." he responded, "You should buy a television." Why is it that people think these personal comments are OK the minute you are showing? I'm not even mentioning the stuff friends and relatives come up with (heck, at least friends and family try not to hurt your feelings); these are comments from total strangers! Anyone else get this kind of stuff?


RUN!!!!!! - May 23

I hate it too!


Melissa - May 24

It will totally work. My friend did something like this to me once and it was hilarious. He is a swimmer, so has really hard body. Anyways, he had been working on his pecs for about a month when I finally noticed. So, I touched his chest and said commented on how hard they were...then he said " My turn" Really funny cuase we are friends. It does work though. Strangers or not, I dont like when people just come up and touch my belly, my dad did it to me the other day and it really bugged me. I just said " You cant just touch peoples belly without asking"


Lissi - May 25

How about pretending to be in unbearable pain, the moment they touch you? :)


Lissi - May 25

I just thought of something else! When a stranger touches your belly, just start breathing heavily, tell them you think your in labor and there's no time to call an ambulance because you can feel the baby's head and you think they will have to deliver it. Try grabbing helplessly at their arms too. Then just watch em run like hell! :)


RG - May 27

About the rude comments....gosh I hate them. I'm of course I get "You need to be eating for two" heck I could not eat for one and still have a healthy baby. I get so mad about that comment. I cannot even eat a cup and half of mac n cheese without being full...must less two servings of everything. My grandma is the worst to say something about my weight, so when I go to the doctor and i have lost weight (eventhough I eat normally) I rub it in to her. he he he and feeling my belly....I always ask, "Hey what did you feel? Fat???" they just look at me like Oh ...well maybe I shouldn't have done that.


Lissi - May 27

RG, my grandmother is the same. She's always making tactless comments about how much weight I've gained. I don't think she realises how much it hurts. Shortly before I got pregnant I made the mistake of going shopping with her. I saw a dress I liked and went to try it on, but of course it was tight in all the wrong places, the color didn't suit me and quite frankley it looked better on the hanger. She made a point of telling me all this as if I couldn't see for myself and when I left the changing room, she pointed to a young, skinny, attractive girl and said, " That girl just tried it on and it looked fabulous on her. It just looked dead on you!" And so, my humiliation was complete. Will never shop in her presence again!


jen - May 28

i was getting annoyed at people commenting on how big i was for dates....are you sure there is only one in there etc and then this woman said i was looking very small (spiteful family 'friend' likes to insult) and it annoyed me even more. atleast it has put it into perspective and i dont mind so much the 'big' comments anymore (so wish i had asked her when hers was due cos she is getting on and is a tad overweight!!) we have all this to come with our babies, strangers reaching into the pram, we should really try and enjoy the attention while it lasts!!


Kimmy - May 28

Thanks Jen i was JUST gonna say that ... enjoy the attention while it lasts, because soo enough you'll find that behind that stroller you dont even exist aside from answering the questions "how old is he/she?", "how much did he/she weigh?", "is he/she sleeping thru the night?", "she is sooo cute" !!! If THIS is bothering you the latter is gonna make you insane, and further more .... EASY ON THE OLD LADIES, AND GRANDMAS !!! I have a grandma too, and she makes the weight comments (that are sometimes fairly rude) but i know that she is not 'maliciously' trying to hurt my feelings, so please be a little more kind to the elderly ... i know that is something that i will teach my child..."respect your elders". I iwsh everyone a happy, healthy, "stress-free" pregnancy and birth :)



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