Someone S Been Lying To Me Me Venting Rambling

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Amara - May 12

Everytime I went to the doctor... it always showed like I only gained 3/4 pound since pre pregnancy... 156 last week. The other night at work... I hopped on two different scales and they say 168 *gasp* I can't weight this much... I am a midget already. 5'1 and have had problems with my hips since I was a kid... They are hurting so badly, and my job ent_tles a lot of walking... then when I get home, I have to mount 35 steps to my apartment... I am so ready to go out on leave... but if I do, I fear I will lay around the apt all day and ballon up some more.... I am only 23 weeks... and still have some way to go. I just hate walking because it hurts so much... I wish I would have been active before pregnancy, that way I could have kept up through out... but I can't start any heavy activities now... I doubt I could have put on 10lbs in one week. it's crazy...


Tammy - May 12

Amara, Weigh yourself immediately after you go to the dr. Scales do vary but that's a big difference. One month I didn't gain anything at all ( so the nurse said). Next month she said that I gained 25 lbs. in one month. Almost had a heart attack. It's a shame that you can't walk for exercise. Maybe someone has a suggestion on something besides walking for added exercise. My OBGYN offers an exercise program twrice a week for 45 min each. It really helps.


Hi, - May 12

Do pregnancy workout tapes. Try low impact workouts.


Steph - May 12

My bf is an olympian wrestler.....They use scales that are very accurate..................He also makes me use this one bc he says that store bought ones are not accurate and do not last very long.................Wait until you see the Dr. theres should be more precise!


Amara - May 12

The scale I reciently used was a hospital scale... The hospital has a lot of hospitals in their chain, so they should all be calibrated the same.. right...


D - May 12

They are not necessarily calibrated. I am unaware of the scales in our hospital being calibrated. That doesn't mean other hospitals don't, BUT I wouldn't count on it! I think Tammy has the best suggestion: weigh after your appointment. Then you can "calibrate" your home scale to match.



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