Soo Nervous Need Opinions

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Sims1 - September 27

Hi Ladiess, I'm from the frist trimester group. but wanted to come in here and get everyones opinion on a couple of things. I'm almost 6 weeks pg, and earlier in the week i feel some nausea, and very very sore br___t which began last week (when i mean sore i mean painfully sore). But now i'm not feeling pg at all. I had a lot of cramps, and feeling tired. but i now i feel just like my normal self. i don't even half any bloating. The only thing that is remaining is super sore br___ts. Is all this normal? Did anyone else go through the same thing? My ultrasound and first prenatal is not until next week. The first week I got pg, (week 4) the clinic did bloodwork spanning two days...and there my beta doubled from 117 to 260. but since then i've jsut been waiting for all my appts next week. any insight or good feelings are appreciated.


Astra - September 27

Hi, I remember my symptoms coming and going. Some days I had more and some days less. I think that is really normal and I wouldn't worry about it (although I remember how hard it is). I remember waking up one morning and not feeling nauseas and being nervous and two hours later throwing up...


sarah21 - September 27

Yep some days are good, some days are bad. It'll be alright. I'm sure everything is great.


corbin289 - September 27

The same thing happened to me. I felt a few , the same ones you said and then at about six weeks they all went away except the really sore b___sts. They were gone until like 8weeks. I am 16 weeks now. Good luck I'm sure everything is fine :)


evae777 - September 27

i wouldn't judge it being a successful pregnancy or not based on symptoms coming and going. i know first tri is hard... but don't unecessarily stress yourself out, the best bet is to not stress and all will go well.


swollenangel - September 28

i dont think you have anything to worry about at all! for my first tri i felt so non-pg, that i only found out i was pg at 9 & 1/2 wks and even then i didnt feel 'different' ... things only really kicked in for me at about 14wks! I'm now 20wks and still have my moments that i 'forget' i'm pg... then i look down and see my belly =) or feel the little kicks - thats awesome! good luck & try not to worry so much =)


Sims1 - September 28

Thank you I feel much better knowing others are/were in the same boat. I can't wait for the u/s next week and can't wait to move on to 2nd tri. Thank you all again.


angeev - September 29

During my first tri the super sore breats were really the only consistent symptom I had. Everything else came and went at random times.


emfine99 - September 29

I'm in my third trimester (32 weeks) and I have never felt pregnant the whole time, but I deffinetely am! I wouldn't worry too much about it. I haven't thrown up this whole time, the only thing that makes me feel pregnant is obviously now I have a big stomach and a kicking baby, but in the beginning, I was tired a lot and my b___bs were a little sore, but not for long. You should be ok! :-)


dukele - October 1

Hey there, wait till about the end of week 8 and week 9. I bet you will start feeling something then. Those are supposed to be the peak times. I too felt sore in the bb's--that is how I knew I was preggo, and a little nauseaus and tired. But it was like as soon as I took the the preg test that those things stopped. All except for the bb's, I dont think that ever goes away. No kidding, wait until like week 8...end of week 8. By that time you will probably notice a definate difference in many different ways, but that is where the nausea hit for me. It ended by about week 9-10. I am now at 17 weeks. Just try to relax and take it day by day.



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