Sooooooo Uncomfortable At Night Squishing Baby

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eau - October 19

I am having such a hard time going from left side to right side. Last night, I think the baby was on the left because that side was super uncomfortable to lie on...But I am wondering, I don't know about you, but for me it is impossible to be simply on my side. The front side of my stomach is always pushing on the mattress. If the baby is on that side, is it squishing the baby? When you ladies sleep on your side are you sort of leaning on your stomach too? Thanks for any input. I am almost at 24 weeks...


Erin - October 19

I don't think that your weight will squish the baby, I think it'll just be uncomfortable for you to lie on top of a bulge! When I lie on my side, I either go partly stomach-down like you, or my shoulder will start to ache from putting my weight on it. It's just not fun, and I've been getting so many warnings that I should enjoy as much sleep as possible now because very soon I won't be able to get comfortable at all!


Charlene - October 19

I usually put a slightly flattish cushion under my tummy when i sleep, which is always on my side. it is quite comfortable


Tamara - October 19

I lean slightly on my stomach, not much though. I am definately starting to have a hard time sleeping...I'm very hot at night...ugh. It's all worth it in the end though so whatever. I've heard body pillows really help and have been thinking of buying one...anything to make it easier to sleep. Some days I'm soooo tired at work it's horrible and I think it's contributing to my headaches. Goodluck to you all!! We'll be ok.


Beth - October 19

the only way I'm comfy at night is to put a pillow along my side and put my tummy on it and my leg on it, otherwise it feels like my ribs are being pushed out, I feel like I need a bigger, squishier pillow though and think I'll buy a good body pillow really soon. Good luck and sweet dreams to those of us that can still sleep, it won't be long until we spend more time on the toilet, I feel like it's allready started for me!


Ashley - October 19

Hmmmm, I am thinking of buying a "Boppy" pillow. Anybody have one? They look soooo comfortable, you can put them under your belly and later on use them for nursing. They are like $30 but I might break down soon, lol! I've seen them at Target. I don't think we can squish the baby eau, I think there is too much fluid around it and stuff. I've heard they are pretty protected.


kate and baby - October 20

Good evening ladies. I can't sleep at night either. I have been getting heat flashes and my stomach feels like it hangs in the air when i am on my side. It is so uncomfortable. I sleep on my left or right side and I have been going on my back a lot. So I sleep with a pillow behind my back so if I roll on my back I will on be slightly on my back. I also sleep with a pillow between my legs and two pillows under my head. I still can't get comfortable. I get paranoid!!! It is all worth it in the end. Not like we are going to be able to sleep when the baby is here anyway.... Good luck ladies. I heard the "Boppy" pillow works miracles. I haven't found the full body one. I will try target this weekend. $30 but well worth the nights sleep. Specially for all the ladies that work.


K - October 20

Hi ladies, I ordered the snoogle body pillow. I tried it last night & it ended up on the floor lol. Guess I'll try it tonight & see what happens :)


Candy - October 21

I get so tired after work. I go to bet at 9:00 P.M. I try to get a good sleep but its so uncomfortable sleeping from right side to left. I toss and turn all night. Then my back starts hurting and i want to sleep on my back but i try not to. I put a pillow behind me, between my legs, and one under the side of me under my belly and i still toss and turn. I'm so tired when i get to work.


KFish - October 21

Use a body pillow for support. I sometimes put it behind me and lean my back against as I used to be a back sleeper. It helps a lot. It is better than a bunch of smaller pillows.


Ashley - October 21

kate and baby, I've seen a type of body pillow at Target, but it wasn't a Boppy. It was in the baby section next to the Boppys. Lol, it was shaped kind of like a long worm, and the pic on the packaging shows part of it between the knees, part of it under the tummy and part regular pillow! Good luck finding something that works and I'm getting a Boppy this weekend! :)



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