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CourtneyHope - November 3

Does anyone else's tailbone hurt? Mine hurts when I walk up and down stairs, and if I get up from sitting for a while. I've read it is normal, and I have had lower back problems before, but I am only 20 weeks and if this is the beginning, I think I'm gonna be miserable!!! I have been so lucky and gracious that being my first pregnancy I had little to no symptoms. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, what did you doctor say? I go back to mine this Wed, so I'm gonna ask her, but just hoping for some feedback. Thanks!!


deniseb - November 3

Hey Courtney, I am in the same boat. Mine started last week and just like you it is when I get up from sitting down and going up and down the stairs. I feel like I have a pinched nerve in my b___t cheek, driving me crazy. I did a lot of standing last week and that's when it started to bother me. P.S. Congrats on the baby girl news!!!!


Megan P - November 3

I totally have that problem!!!! It's mainly when I get up from sitting and I thought it is completely bizarre! this is my second pregnancy and I am 18 weeks. I did not experience this my first time around. I haven't asked my doctor about it yet. Let me know what yours says!


kmoselle - November 4

Yes! I am the same as you CourtneyHope. Very few symptoms, then all of the sudden my b___t started hurting around week 20 (I am 25 weeks now). My doctor said it is my sciatic nerve and there is not much I can do. However, I was very, very active this weekend- lots of walking around. I really think the exercise helped.


kmoselle - November 4

Sorry- didn't finish last post... Since I had started walking on friday, I have not had any of that pain!


CourtneyHope - November 4

Thanks deniseb!!! My hubby and I are stoked!! The problem with walking around is that I have a disc protrusion in my L4 and L5, so that irritates my lower back as well....sometimes I feel I am doomed!! It is all totally worth it though! I will definitely ask the doctor tomorrow and let you know what she says!! Thanks!


jenn_ns - November 7

I am having this same pain this morning.. from my tailbone to (almost) the middle of my b___t. I was dreading that it might be my sciatic nerve... I am currently 16 weeks.


CourtneyHope - November 7

I asked my dr, and she said it is normal and that there is nothing you can do about it. She said just try not to do the things that aggravate it.



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