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R - July 8

You know what it feels like to ride a bike for too long? When you start to walk, between your legs is kind of sore. Well, that's how I have felt on and off for the last couple of days. I haven't had s_x anytime recently, so I know it's not that. It doesn't burn when I pee and I don't have any other symptoms. Has anyone else every experienced this? I am 28 weeks.


Ranya - July 8

I'm not sure if I'm feeling the same thing but sometimes I feel like the area all the way down there is expanding sideways, like the pelvic floor is moving out on both sides. lt's very uncomfortable but not painful. My husband has also noticed that I'm walking kinda funny (like a duck)...I'm 24 wks...


R - July 8

Maybe that's what it is, just expanding. Maybe our bodies are getting ready for the delivery. I think we're probably feeling the same thing. I agree, it's not painful, it's just kind of sore. And, it makes me want to "walk like a duck" as you put it......I have a doctor's appointment on the 18th and I think I'll just wait until then to ask her.


Marivic - July 8

During pregnancy our bodies release a hormone called (of all things) Relaxin. It serves to loosen up the joints, prepare the pelvic girdle for the expansion of pregnancy and birth. It makes all SORTS of things uncomfortable, including walking. Perfectly normal, although I've been told to take it easy on some things - move a little slower, make sure I have my balance fully before moving suddenly (like, getting out of the car - both feet on the ground, that kind of thing). Isn't pregnancy fun?? ~ Marivic, 18w1d


Jane - July 9

You should call your doctor.


Jessica - July 10

Yes, I feel the same thing. I agree that it's probably just our pelvic area expanding for delivery. Hopefully that doesn't mean we're going to deliver too early, it doesn't look like many others are experiencing this.


Me too - July 11

I get it after s_x and after walking, I am finding harder to walk briskly and am off balance. I am 23 weeks pregnant.I do worry when this happens nut it usaly goes as fast as it started and I dont have any other strange symptoms at the same time, I will tell my doctor when I see him.


Susan - July 12

Yes - I'm 25 weeks and ahve experienced pain down there too! but mines is more teh bone between my legs rather than teh fleshy but!


bump - July 18



C - July 19

I think the weight of your growing baby and uterus is what it is....I mean I get sore and "swollen" feeling sometimes too and that's what I always a__sumed it was from, I have read that too. Also when your pregnant the blood flow is happening more down there - that is why we are more sensitive and have better orgasms or (it's easier to achieve them) That's my opinion:) And all I do when I am feeling "sore or swollen" is get off my feet and relax or have a bath.


if28 - July 20

Sounds like your baby is lower and putting pressure on you, time is getting close. Good luck and congrats. But definetly tell your DR to make sure you don't have any pre-term labor, mine started that way.



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