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Pete - November 3

I have developed a lot of black hair on my belly!! i am so embarassed i cant stand anyone looking at my belly!! is this normal? should i remove it o not? does anyone here is going through the same experiance??


m - November 3

don't stress, mine has done the same. theres nothing you can do. it's just a part of pregnancy. mine has now surrounded my belly b___ton, all the way to my pubic line, and is starting to go north of my belly b___ton too. one person suggested to me to bleach it. if you wax it, it's just going to grow back. i'm just not going to show my belly too much. most people wont care because they will know that it's normal. there will be quite a few other people in the same boat. dont stress at all


Jessica - November 3

Mine was the same way a couple days ago but my mother and I decided to wax it off. I dont care if it comes back because I will just wax it again but it stays gone for quite a while. I hated the way it looked so thats what I did! It looks great now and is soo smooth.


Pete - November 3

thanks for your reply, if i dont wax it off, will it fall off after my pregnancy??? or else if i use a cream to make it fall off, will it get worse and will it harm my baby!! i hate this!!!!


Jessica - November 3

I am not sure about it falling off after pregnancy. I seriously doubt it but it may fade. I do know that is safe to use Nair which is a cream to make the hair fall off. Good luck!!


Tess - November 3

I have the same issue. I have some black hair underneath my navel and all the way to my pubic line....My mom said its normal and that I shouldnt worry....I just feel weird specially when they're doin an u/s on me. yikes!


connie - November 3

I am in my fourth pregnancy and I've had this problem each time. I does go back to normal after pregnancy. It's kind of like how your hair on your head grows faster and thicker and then after pregnancy you loose the extra hair you've gained. I have skimpy hair but it gets much fuller when I am pregnant. It's a pain but all well worth it in the end.


Natalie - November 3

do not do anything to that hair!!!!!!! alot of women (even me) get that hairon the belly. if you leave it alone it will fall out after the baby is born, if not you will encourage hair growth and will always have to use removals!


Ashley - November 4

I've always had that hair, from my belly b___ton down. Right now it's growing like crazy. I really don't care, though. I waxed for about a year but good grief that's painful and dh really doesn't mind it. It's my mini-femi-happy trail! ;)


Mandi - November 4

I am a light haired person. I have a belly full of hair ---- I now even refer to my belly as "CHEWBACCA" (sp?) --- it isn't black hair, but there is a lot of it. Have to love these hormones.


Nicole - November 4

I have always had hair on my belly too but I notice it is growing faster. I always shave or wax it. I was told not to use creams b/c of the chemcials and not sure if it will harm the baby


erin - November 4

Yup! I'm gettin the dark belly hair too. I am embara__sed and wish I had the belly that we see on tv and in mags. I know that 's not realistic, just like everything in the media.


Lisa - November 5

Never shave belly will promote the hair to grow back and stronger as you cut it off at the top. Just leave it alone till after you have the baby, it should fall out. If it doesn't, then get it waxed.


Pete - November 6

i feel so much better...thanks for all the advice!! seems i am not alone, thought i was just wierd, im not going to touch it, after the baby, we'll see if it falls......


elizabeth - November 6

my cousin had the same problem but after she had her boy, it went away a couple weeks after...and i have the problem too, more hair haha..


Mich - November 7

I havent had any extra on my tummy but have noticed it growning on my lower back! My b/f was the one that noticed it first. I always look at the gender prediction websites for fun and apparently if you notice your leg hair etc growing faster or darker it is meant to mean excess male hormones....... so a boy baby in other words! its only an old wives tale but interesting to read all the same, probably not if you know what you are having but i havent found out so I think its interesting to see how right these things can be!!



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