Sorry But I Have To Ask

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Leela - June 14

OK, is anyone else worried about pooping on the delivery table? People tell me you wont even be thinking about it when the time comes, but mom and DH will be there! I know it's normal, but I keep thinking about it.


Susie - June 14

Dont worry i think about that too or im scared of farting or something too much... Apparently like you said people say you wont worry about it... I think ill be more worried about pain and getting my baby out of me and it being healthy but still its a embra__sing thing haha how far along are u?


Wanda - June 14

I heard that you can ask for an enema before, so that it is less likely you will have an accident. As a 2 time delivery table pooper myself, this time I will ask for an enema! (Last times, there was no baby daddy in the picture, just my mom) My poor BF has enough to deal with seeing me preggo, with all the wacky b___b changes, veins, dry skin, stretch marks, and let's not even get into the wacky hormones, so, I want to keep that function something he doesn't have to deal with.


SE - June 14

Well do they wipe it right away or does it just stay there on the table? I've thought about this before but I have totally forgotten since I've been pregnant. Uck.


! - June 14

After I agave birth I asked the midwife: 'Did I .....?' and she just looked at me and said: Does it matter?' and well holding my baby safely in my arms, I guess it really didnt!


! - June 14

PS: lol, no they clean everything, you aren't handed a mop and bucket. There's all sorts of bodily stuff on the table but you won't have to deal with it. :)


kimj - June 14

i have a 6 year old and when i had him i didnt....... i am 19 weeks and i hope i dont this time either but what can you if you do. Most likely it will be the last thing on your mind!


SE - June 14

Well, I didn't think that I would have to clean it up myself!!! I'm just thinking that if I did go, I would hope they would wipe it away quickly so that my husband doesn't have to keep looking at it as he watches our child be born.


jodie - June 14

I read that you will usually get really loose bowels before you go into labor so you will empty out most of your goodies. I talked to a few people who have had kids before and they said they disposed of all the nasties before they even went into labor.


Audrea - June 15

As a Labor and Delivery nurse I can tell you that you won't even know if that happens. When it does happen the doctor wipes it away fast and discreetly. He is constantly wiping in that area while the mom is pushing. Even if DH or mom is in delivery room with you, most likely they will not even notice that it happened because it is so quick and everyone is concentrating on helping you with counting and pushing and should be the last thing you worry about. It does not happen with all people, and happens less than you would think it does. As a nurse, I have seen much worse things happen, and it is very expected with the doctor and nurses who are in there. Believe me, whe have seen and smelled everything you can imagine when it comes to delivery. I remeber one time a lady was pushing so hard that right after the baby came out she peed and it hit the doctor in the face with a forceful stream. Thank goodness he had a face shield on for fluids to protect his face and eyes. He just quickly put his hand up to cover the stream. No one else besides the doctor and me even knew what was happening. There isn't anything you can do about these bodily functions. Some women say they will not eat the day of delivery, but you have to remember, it takes at least 24 hours from the time you eat something for the body to process it for it to come out the other end. You would have to know when delivery will happen and starve yourself for over 24 hours to avoid it. It just cannot be done and can make labor harder if you do starve yourself. Labor can last over 36 hours or more, especially if it is your first child. Really, it is no big deal and you can always tell DH to stay up near your head so he won't see anything you if are that conscientous about it.


tracy - June 15

oh no! now we have to worry about peeing on the doctor's face! ... j/k :) thanks for the good info audrea!


Angela - June 24

I never laughed so hard in my life until I read this. With my first I had an enema but they never told me why. With my second I didn't and became a member of the poopy brigade. Now that I am pregnant with my third it is on my mind a lot. My husband teased me about it for a week afterward last time. I was so embara__sed.


Alaina - June 24

I hope I don't! I think I would know if I do.This is my first.My hubby keeps joking about it.(He read it in a baby mag)I am so fuuny about that.We've been married two years and I still lock the door and run the water when i do #2 lol. He thinks it is hilarious I on the other hand don't.My mom will be there two but I'm not as worried about her.Oh well I guess if it happens I can't do anything about it


tracey - June 24

your dr. may prescribe an enema beforehand, before the different phases of labor actually begin. my friend did that when she delivered her son, she didnt think of it at all, she was just 20 - her b/f made jokes about it, everyone just looked at him and thought that he was an idiot. as far as me, dont know, don't care. just want my baby's born to be healthy and i just want to hold him. due nov. 15.


tracey - June 24

"Poopy Brigade", now that is funny. hey ladies, i didn't even look into the mirror when i delivered my children, and when i finally did w/ my first, i almost pa__sed out- i looked just in time for them to deliver my placenta. talk about embarra__sing, i almost vomited.. dont remember if i did or not, oh well, maybe i can gain membership on nov. 15. thanx ladies. really made me smile.. lol



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