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Z - January 24

I'm just still confused as to when I conceived. The reason for my confusion is because DH and I tried to conceive on day 13 to day 20, but nothing happened. Then the next month, I decided to try earlier, like on day 10th, it turned out that I did get pregnant this time. Could it be possible that I ovulated earlier than day 14th? I am currently 20.5weeks, and the ultrasound tech is measuring me ahead by a week. Should I stick with my date based on my LMP or the ultrasound dates?


mama-beans - January 24

Stick with LMP as 20 week ulstasounds are not as accurate with age as earlier ones. Pregnancy is really luck of the draw. You could ovulate the same day each cycle, BD the same days each cycle, and it is really just luck that makes you pregnant or not. A normally ovulating woman and a man with normal sperm counts have roughly 20% chance each month if they BD at exactly the right time.


L - January 25

Its very possible and very likely that you ovulated on day 10 and not day 14. Typically menstruation is 14 days post ovulation, and not the reverse with ovulation 14 days post menstruation. For example a woman with a 20 day cycle would typically ovulate on day 7, whereas a woman with a 34 day cycle would ovulate on day 20. Regarding when you should calculate your due date: This date will change throughout your pregnancy and is really only given as a ballpark figure. Incidentally, I knew exactly the day I ovulated (due to u/s) and my baby is measuring two weeks older, but I've been told that he could still arrive late.


Z - January 25

Oh, I almost forgot to ask, what does cramping two weeks after my LMP mean? Does that mean I conceived during that time or what?


L - January 25

Cramping 2 weeks after your LMP means that you had lower abdominal pain two weeks after the start of your Last Menstrual Period. The cause of cramping can be caused by many things and doesn't mean that you conceived during that time. There can be a sharp pain on one side or the other at ovulation, but typically implantation cramping would occur 6-10 days after you conceived.


Z - January 26

Thanks L for clarfying it for me!


D - January 26

you could of concieved any time around the 10th sprem can live upto 5 days so if you bd on day 10 could have not ovulated until day 15



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