SPD Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

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Gemini_Girl - October 31

Help! have just been told by the midwife I probably have SPD and have been referred to the physio therapist, I can barely walk 5 mins, without having bad pelvic pain, and I find my hips and legs stiff and painfull when getting in and out bed etc, has anyone else been diagnosed with this, and if so what happens? does it get worse, etc


Tory1980 - October 31

I was diagnosed with this in my last pregnancy and I am seeing my Midwife on Monday and expecting the same thing again. However, my Midwife calls it pelvic arthropathy. I started getting sore around 26weeks and by 30 I couldn't walk the length of myself without nearlly being in tears. Driving was a nightmare (clutch) and I had to give that up simply because it was agony to change gear. Walking up stairs took approx 20mins and my husband ended up carrying me every now and then as lifting my legs had me in tears. It can get to the point that some women have to use crutches or end up in a wheel chair. It will possibly get worse or it could just stay at the level it is but until you deliver the pain is here to stay and will be there for a few weeks after the birth too. I wear a pelvic support belt that my physio gave me last time but it does little to help - the only thing that eases the pain is siting and resting but even that gets uncomfortable after a while. Physio's can only do so much during a pregnancy. The other thing you need to discuss is positions in labour if it does get worse - certain positions could cause more damage to the pelvis when it comes to pushing but the physio can show you some positions and exercises in order to help you. How far on are you now?


Gemini_Girl - November 1

Hi Tory, thanks for the input, sounds awful, Im 26wks now, dont even have my physio appointment in yet :( luckily I dont drive, my BF does and I work at a desk job so I sit alot, but I know what you mean even lying in bed is uncomfortable on your hips, pelvis and legs, rolling over is such an ordeal - does it go away once you have the baby?


Tory1980 - November 1

For me it eased after about two weeks. As strange as it sounds I found tying my legs together just above the knee helped me sleep as moving one leg at a time just didn't work - plus it will stop the BF annoying you! LOL! Only kidding. It is horrible and I know a lot of women who have had it but the Midwife or Doctor has put it down to just normal pregnancy - they don't realise that it is absolute agony. I didn't have it with my first two pregnancies so when it started in my third I argued that it wasn't normal and was glad the Doctor referred me to a Physio. They had more knowlege and information on it than my Midwife!


Iamamiracleangel - November 2

Oh my goodness. I just looked it up on a website and now I think I know why I'm having so much pain. Sometimes it's so bad that when I stand up from the couch I have to waddle because I can't move my legs.. My doc keeps telling me that it's normal and not to worry about it. It's also pretty c___ppy when you're trying to sleep, but when you roll over, you have excrutiating pain between your legs... This sounds vulgar, but I've described the pain as feeling as though I've had a "s_x-a-thon".... Maybe I should bring this up to my doc.. Although, it will probably be pushed off as nothing *sigh*.


Tory1980 - November 2

Iamamiracleangel, I would definitely take it up with your Doctor. Unless they are aware of it they often diagnose it as 'normal pregnancy' and it definitely isn't. Granted it is due to the hormones causing things to soften more than they should causing the pelvis to move more than it needs to but it can be treated - unfortunatley nothing other than delivering helps the pain but wearing a suport belt is often enough for a lot of women to carry on the pregnancy as normal as they can. I only wish I could say the pain is because of a s_x-a-thon! LOL!



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