Spicy Sour Cravings Did You Have A Boy

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kimc - February 19

Just wondering to those of you who have had children, or know what you are having this time... is there any substance to the old wives tale that if you crave spicy/sour food you will have a boy, and if you crave sweet foods you will have a girl? Just curious!


TM - February 20

I am having a boy and I have craved Mexican/spicy food off and on through my pregnancy. But then again I have craved sweet things too, like cake and donuts. So I think it is very hard to say.


Kez - February 20

I have had two boys and I generally like spicy food anyway so I wouldnt call it a craving, but I definitely love salty stuff when I'm pregnant. Has been the same this time and we dont know what it is! Im definitely off the sweet stuff, usually choc doesnt last too long around here, but now my husband is getting it all to himself!


Lani - February 20

In my first pregnancy I was craving ice cream! and I had a boy. In this pregnancy I am craving salty foods, and I have just found out that I am having a boy. All the symptoms are different to my first pregnancy - but, both are boys.


dee23 - February 20

dh and i have had this feeling all along that we are having a boy....and just to be silly, the pencil test also told us we are having a boy.....i agree with this theory, i have been craving nothing but salt and vinegar chips...and all my meals are ten times hotter than usual, spiced up with heaps of chilli......we find out the s_x in 5 days so ill let u know!


ashley - February 20

im screwed then lol because I crave it all. Spicey (kung pou chicken) and sour (eat lemons straight) and sweet (all sorts of candy like runts, sweettarts, licorice, cherry cheese cake, etc) SO what am I having? Bi


ashley - February 20

i meant to write both, not bi


dee23 - February 20

lol ashley! do tell us when you find out!


kimc - February 21

Dee23 and Ashley.. keep us posted as to what you are having! Dh and I are getting the big U/S done on March 18th, but we are not finding out the s_x. it's going to be hard for me, as I am one of those people who like to peek at my Christmas gifts! *grin* Thanks for the answers so far!


Nita - February 21

I was craving for salty stuff early on in my pregnancy (like salt & vinegar chips! yum!) and then now am on to sweets. One of my closest friends warned me to stay away from sweets as they add sugar with no nutrient value..but it's been crazy. I crave for it even more. I'm having a girl by the way, so not sure how much true this old wives tale is!


Gabbi - February 21

Hey ladies, I'm not sure if I believe in that tale because I have been craving both spicy and sweet. However, I have been having a really bad craving for pickled hot sausages and hot potato chips. But it seems like I always have to have dessert after I eat. Anyhoo, I have my ultrasound on 2/24 and I can't wait to find out what I'm having.


kimc - February 21

Gabbi... keep us posted! I hope your little nugget isn't camera shy!


JA - February 22

I craved anything spicy and sour during my first pregnancy and this one as well. My first was a daughter and I'm told they think this is also a girl (couldn't get a great look at between the legs at the ultrasound)....so, I don't think it really has anything to do with the baby's s_x!


ashley - February 22

will post. I am having my u/s a week from this friday-march 3rd I think it is.



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