Spotting And Have A Question About Miscarriage

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Tasha - January 4

Hi everyone. I am 20 weeks pregnant and have been spotting off and on since week 18. I am so nervous. I do experience slight cramping, but I've pretty much been cramping since day one. It started out like a pink discharge and then went browny red. It started and stopped for days at a time until week 19 and then stopped for five days. Then all of a sudden I had a slight pink dischange again and now its gone. Can someone help me? I don't want to lose this baby. Can someone who has experienced a miscarriage before tell me if this sounds bad? Thank you so much.


Jamie - January 4

I suggest calling your doctor. They will do an u/s and check everything out. I would do it asap b/c if it is something serious and they catch it in time they may just put you on bedrest which helps sometimes.


Steph - January 4

Do you happen to get the spotting after you have had s_x?


Preggo - January 4

Tasha... I think jamie's right .. you should call your doctor ASAP. But I want to tell you that if your not bleeding things might be ok. I'm no doctor but I had the some thing happen to me but it was only for a week. I had a little pink and then dark brown discharge but no pain. I've also had 2 previous miscarriages with no successful pregnancies yet so I was scared to death as well. I went to the emergency room and had an ultrasound and everything was a-okay. Stay off your feet and rest as much as completely possible and contact your doctor or go to the emergency room. They can't deny you no matter what. Just trying to give you some encouragement ... I'm 28weeks now and (hopefully) will finally have my baby @ 30 years of age ,better late than never lol.


tasha - January 4

I have been to the hospital twice and both times they checked the baby and it seemed fine. They sent me home and said that there was nothing they could do. My doctors been checking my cervix and both times ( 1 week apart) it was closed and thick. I have another dr's appointment in two days.


Drew - January 4

Get them to check for any infections. UTI's, yeast infections, and also bacterial vaginosis. I was hospitalized over the weekend with some spotting and contracting (I'm 25 wks) and it turned out I had both a severe kidney infection, and bacterial vaginosis. Any kind of infection can cause pre-mature labour/miscarriage. And all you have to do is go on some antibiotics. Good luck, hope this helps!



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