Stabbing Like Cramp

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Emy - November 11

I have this kind of stabbing crampy feeling when I walk. It is on the right side of my stomach but higher than usual (like to the right of my belly button.) I think it has to do with the uterus somehow since it feels like that is where it is. My question is, can a woman have round ligament pain near the top of her uterus too? Is this Braxton hicks? What could this pain be. I feel fine when I am resting. It is only when I walk. TIA


lisa - November 12

hi emy- i was just reading this and i am having the same thing. Higher up than what I thought was round ligament pain- sort of all over the top of my ab muscles- where my uterus is prodding into my organs or something. It cramps whenever I am in the same position for too long. I thought it was just my ab muscles streching or something but it is really painful and annoying. It doesn't feel like braxton hicks but this is my first baby so I am not sure I even know what they feel like..... all i know is that i did read that in the 5th month ( i am 22 weeks) sometimes there is abdominal pain because of the stretching of the muscles as the baby grows and the uterus pushes higher. Would love to know if anyone else has had this too......Hope you feel better!


Emy - November 12

Hi Lisa, I posted this on another site I frequent and had about 3 women tell me that they have this. Who knows what it is, but apparently it is normal. Mine went away after drinking water and resting and I have not had it today. Hope you feel better too!


E - November 12

I get pains by my navel as well. Asked my doc who said it's normal. It's part of the round ligaments stretching.


Melody - November 12

I have this same problem too...I worried that something was wrong with the baby. I am glad to know that I am not the only one to have this problem. Although, I wish none us had this pain!? Just another necessity of pregnancy, I guess.


kendall - November 13

i actually went to the doctor on friday for the same thing. she said that its my stomach muscles stretching and that the only way to help it is to drink lots of water and to rest if it gets to be where you're hunching over from it. normally i feel the pain at night when i'm making dinner or doing dishes, standing too long (only at night) is when it happens. the baby is fine so i wouldn't worry too much. good luck to all.



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