Start Of Second Trimester

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alinadaud - November 11

When is the official start of the second trimester? I know thi is a silly question, but would it be as you start week 12 or 13? We wanted to wait to tell everyone our news until that time. I heard this is when the risk of miscariage significantly drops. We heard the heart beat at 9 weeks. My doctor said hearing it that early was a really good sign and we should feel okay about telling people. It still makes me nervous to tell EVERYONE until the second trimester. Anyone want to share when they announced and why at that time?


Happymommy - November 11

It really is a personal decision. Dh and I decided to tell people right away because we figured that if we did have a miscarriage we would need all of the support from friends and family. We just felt that if we had miscarriage we would not want it to be a secret. But I also understand the other perspective where some people find it painful to have to tell everyone that they had lost the baby. So I just think decide what you need either way. There is not a right time to tell people. Congrats on your pregnancy


Jairia - November 11

I just entered week 13 as of Friday. My doctor has really pushed that I make it to week 13 as I've m/c previously. We heard a heartbeat during Friday's appoinment. I shared the news with a few friends as soon as I found out because I was truly blessed to have the support of my friends when I m/;c twins back in March '06. Good luck to you!


sarah21 - November 12

The second trimester technically starts at 13.3 weeks but we all go with 13 weeks for simplicity. I told people that I was pregnant as soon as I found out. I can't keep secrets like that worth a darn, and I needed support even if something happened.


erenimi - November 12

I announced between 6-10 weeks, because i was sooo sick, it was obvious.



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