Starting My Second Trimester

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Patience - June 28

I am on the 13th week starting tomorrow and I'm so excited! I have seen the baby a few times and even heard the heartbeat!!! I cant wait to feel the movement! Just wanted to introduce myself to the board! THANKS!


janine - June 28

so much happens in the second trimester...your belly gets big, you feel the baby moving, you can even start seeing the kicks....welcome to the second trimester, lots of fun ahead!


dani - June 28

Hi Patience, I remember you from the first trimester board. How are you feeling? I'm 14 weeks now and feeling good so far...


Patience - June 28

Hey Dani. I feel great! had my first trimester screening at the hospital where i will deliver last week, and it was amazing how much more powerful the u/s are at the hospital. the baby is actually measuring at 14 weeks, so we'll see - but i feel great! good to see you here too!


M - June 28

Welcome, Patience! :)


erica - June 28

Hi! Patience, I also just turned 13 weeks on Saturday and very excited that I'm now on my second trimester.


Wanda - June 28

Hi Patience and the rest of the gang! I just turned 13wks today...yeahhhh! and I'm feeling great!! Thank God! But then again I've felt great since the beginning. I've also had two sonograms done already and its awesome to see the little "peanut" I cant wait until it starts to kick!!! Good Luck to everyone. Is anyone from NY?


Gina - June 28

Hi, I also remember you from the 1st trimester board. Congrats again. I am 14 weeks today. I feel the baby all the time. Since about 2 weeks but this is also my 5th pregnancy. I cant wait for her daddy to feel it, this is his first.


Ca__sie - June 28

Welcome, Patience. Isn't it nice to be in the second trimester? I've been pretty laid back about the whole thing, but I know some really can't wait to move out of the 1st trimester. Welcome aboard!


jojo - June 29

hi every one . iam 13 weeks by my AF. 14 week by level 2 sono so who know but iam glad to move up gl all


Patience - June 29

Hey to all - yeah, i seem to have been pretty lucky so far - hope it stays that way! Wanda, im from NY - where are you? Im in the Bronx


Wanda - June 29

Hey Patience- I'm in the Bronx also, just moved there a year ago...but moving to NJ by the end of the year. Im by Grand Concourse and you? Is this your first? It's my first and I cant wait until it moves...lolol


Patince - June 30

Wanda, Im in Parkchester - do you work in the city?


Wanda - June 30

Patience- Yes I do. I work at Channel 7..and you? Do you have an email address, maybe we can exchange info about our preganancies...lolol...


Patience - June 30

Wanda - sure! my email addy is [email protected] talk soon!


Amanda - June 30

Hello ladies I am 13weeks and 6 days I think and I saw a couple of youform another board I am offically moving into the 2nd trimester board and thoght that I would say hi to all some of you I know some of you I don't but i woud love to get to know you all


Ashley - July 1

Im due Dec. 20th and am very excited!!! Very nauseas and tired first trimaster but most has subsided. I also have experinced really bad nasel congestion. Is this normal? It's geting really aggrivating not being able to breath through my noise, expeccially at night. At the moment I live in FL, but as of the first of august will be moving to NC where my mom lives, I wanted her t be apart of the pregnany and dilivery.I can't waitto see what the s_x of my baby is, my oppointment is July 20 to see find out the gender. Im so excited to find out. I am 15 weeks and 3 days is anyone at or near??



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