Starting To Self Harm Help

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sad mum to be - December 5

I am supose to be happy about becomining a new mum, but life is so hard on me at the moment. ive got a wonderful boyfriend who gives me the world and we are moving into our first house in feb. for the past few months i have been cutting myself and punching myself in the face and things like that. i know i sound really wierd but im so emotional at the moment, when i cry i, hurt myself to relieve the pain im having at the time. it stops me from crying. i sound so silly but i know i need some help so please can anyone give me some advice please xx


K - December 5

Does your boyfriend know that you do this and if he does has he tried to help in any way? Im no doctor but it sounds to me like you need to tell someone so you can get help. You dont want it to be like this or for it to go any further. Please for you and your child talk to either your boyfriend, friend , relative, or your doctor they can help you. Please keep me posted.


Laura - December 5

Please go and speak to a doctor who can get you someone to talk to. Why is it so bad for you to cry? I cry all the time when I am emotional-is there any other emotional outlet you can find?-punching a cushion? shouting into a pillow. Please talk to your doc. and don't be hard on your self-we all find ways of letting out emotion but you need help to find one which doesn't put yourself at risk


sad mum to be xx - December 5

thanx for your advice i didnt realise i had posted the same question twice. computer went on the blink thort id lost it. im going to tell my boyfriend tonight and hopefully he can support me it will be a big step tho im so ashamed of doing it what if he thins im wierd? xx


K - December 5

he's not gonna think that he loves you and he will want to help. Good Luck


maya - December 5

I dont know if this helps.. but my mom was the same way when she was pregnant with me.. I never spoke about it with her.. but my dad has told me stories about her hitting herself.. and her stomach. She is a strong woman full of love.. and that was just a moment in which she needed help. It is hard to get help when you are in that state. she was lucky to have my dad.. and I am sure your boyfriend will be very supportive.


mel - December 5

It's not silly. pregnancy hormones are some powerful things. you've obviously got a lot on your plate right now with the baby and the upcoming move in february. it's all just starting to boil over a bit. please call your doctor today and ask him to refer you to somebody. you'd be surprised how just taking that little bit of a step, will make you feel much better. take care.


Jennifer - December 5

Please see your Dr. immediatley. Sometimes that first step is the hardest one to take, but you need to talk to a medical professional about this.You are not alone. Pregnancy does crazy things to us all. Your hormones are probably to blame. You are NOT a bad person or a bad mum. You are a good mum because you realize that this behavior isn't good for you and you want to do something about it. It sounds like your boyfriend is very supportive, he will understand. He would want you to get some help. We all need some help from time to time. Good luck sweetie, let us know how your doing.


Lupe - December 5

Talk to a counselor! Find a good one you feel comfortable with. I used to cut, too, years ago. An external expression of internal pain. You've got some issues, fears, something that you're struggling with. Perhaps you don't even know exactly what it is, but you'll need to dig it up and work through it in order go forward in the healthiest, most balanced way you can. All the changes you're going through can be overwhelming. Nothing wrong with feeling that. We all have our personal demons, the stuff that we struggle with. Sometimes you walk through fire with those struggles, but you CAN come through it much stronger and well adjusted. Don't be afraid to get help in working through this struggle.


concerned prego - December 5

sad mum to be~i used to cut myself and so i know it is relieving and you feel no pain-it is really a stress relief, but have you talked to a counselor? i went to see an LPC and he had me hitting a punching bag with a baseball bat! that felt GREAT! also, start to write down what exactly you are feeling when you get the urge to self mutilate so you can see a pattern-are you sad, anxious, mad, etc? maybe try reading some books that are inspirational during this time. i still have scars all over my forearms (really only noticeable to me)-but you don't want that as a reminder of your pregnancy. just think how lucky you are to have such a wonderful bf! i'm not so lucky. believe me, last week i told him i felt like hurting myself b/c he wants me to terminate my pregnancy and i refuse. i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


to mum - December 5

I've never cried so hard in my life as I do now that I'm pregnant. I mean, I can't BREATHE, I'm hyperventilating, convulsing almost. And I SCREAMED at my boyfriend a few times in the first trimester, poor guy. He must really love me & understand to an extent what this is all about. I've felt the hormones calming down in the last month or so for sure. (I'm about 21 weeks now.) But I was a mental case for that first bit of pregnancy. I knew a girl (not pregnant) who cut herself... one time, almost to the bone with a box cutter. It was really scary, but it's not silly at all. She had a really hard life, and that's how she dealt with it. But she talked to a counselor for help. Maybe talk to someone objective, and remember... you aren't "supposed" to feel one way or the other. But you're a special individual like anyone else, so hopefully you'll be able to treat yourself in the positive way you deserve to be soon. Good luck, fellow mum!



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