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jolou - June 6

When did people (particularly those on a first pregnancy) first start to show? Just curious...


LINZ - June 6

Hi, I am 17 weeks preggers with my first and I have not started to show as yet. My midwife said it is normal to start showing on or around 20 weeks. How far along are you?


JESS1980 - June 6

I started showing around 24 weeks. I was very pet_te before I got pregnant, so I don't know if that makes a difference! I am now 29 weeks and definitely showing!!!


kmorris1 - June 6

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first, and am not really showing yet - I'm still in my regular clothes. Kate


Neets - June 6

Hi, I'm 21.5wks & I started to show about 2wks ago.


Jodie86 - June 6

Oh my word, i'm only 13 weeks, and i'm showing! I have a cute little bump! I'm only small framed too! Could there be more than 1 do you think? I won't have my scan untill next week!


SuzieQ - June 6

I started having strangers ask when I was due at 19wks. Before that I just had a small belly - kinda bloated looking :) Oh- and this is my first


Ericka - June 6

At around 16 weeks I couldn't fit in my regular pants, but I didn't look pregnant. At 19 weeks I started to show.


Perl - June 6

I'm in my 16th week ( 1st pregnancy) now, have gained 5 pounds and my clothing still fits but it looks tighter (a look I can get away with but I've always preferred loose clothing) and just feels uncomforbable so I went and bought some stretchy waisted and comfy maternity pants and shorts yesterday. To a stranger it is not obvious that I'm pregnant yet but my family and close friends can see that my belly is taking on a small roundish shape. I'm sure I'll be showing in just a matter of weeks.


squished - June 6

I just hit 18w and about a week or so ago my pants were getting tight and my tummy would stick out as later in the day. Now in the morning I have a little bump and I've had to buy some bigger shirts too.


LINZ - June 7

To those of you that have started showing, did it just happen all of a sudden or was it just a slow process? I am expecting to wake up one morning and be hugh?! I feel ready to 'pop', just a waiting game I suppose.....


Lilu - June 7

I'm 14 weeks with my second baby and I'm just to slightly pop out now. Last time I really didn't show until 5 to 6 months. I thought since this is my second I would show faster. It kida sucks b/c I hate this in between stuff. Like my clothes are alittle too tight but it's too soon to start wearing maternity. Soon enough we'll have our big bellies.


Taffy - June 7

I couldn't wear regular clothes from about 13 weeks but no one could tell I was pregnant. If people knew they could see it (or maybe they were being polite!). I'm nearly 22 weeks now (with my first) and for the first time today a stranger asked me when I was due. I was really pleased. Finally I look pregnant and not just over weight!


scarlett - June 8

I started to show gradually from 10-12wks, and from 13wks, it's obvious to everyone that I'm pregnant. I'm now in my 20th week.


Perl - June 8

Taffy: I can't wait unti it's obvious start asking my due date (for the same reasons you are). Linz: you make me laugh because I have the same thoughts that one morning I'll wake up and there will be my big belly. I'm seeing a very gradual (though still small) rounding out and popping out of my belly but I have a feeling that at the end of 2nd and into the 3rd trimester the growing will really take off!


Perl - June 8

(oops) I meant to say I can't wait until it's obvious that I'm pregnant that people start asking my due date. I'd much rather look pregnant than the way I'm looking look right now.


Taffy - June 8

I measured my belly yesterday morning and by the time I got home from work my trousers were feeling tighter. I gained 1.5 inches around my middle in hours!! I couldn't believe it. My muscles are quite sore today though.



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