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me - December 1

My friend is 27 weeks pregnant. About 6 months ago she had a party at her house and everybody was drinking. Her best friend went in her room and used her viabrater without asking or anything. She hadnt used it since up until about two weeks ago she wahed it with warm water and soap well two days ago she found out the girl has clamidia then but that was 6 months agoi could she still get it off of the vibarater


doubtful - December 1

I really doubt it. I'm not really sure, but it seems improbable at this point. Especially if she washed it really well.


hmm - December 1

she would know if she had it right away, it burns, itches and you get a aweful discharge ,not likely that it would be still alive on the vibrater.. if she has those sympton chances are yes, but if not then she fine.. tell her friend to get her own,, i think i d be p__sed if someone used mine...


actually - December 1

actually, thats not true "hmmm". I found out i had clamydia when i first got pregnant. Most women and men don't even know they had it. It hardly has symptoms until you've had the disease for many months. The doc will prescribed an antibiotic that you take once. Then you are cured after a week with no s_x. If you let it go, your baby could end up blind, or you could have a stillbirth. Hope you have found this helpful.


to hmm - December 2

I agree with actually - hmm your reply is inaccurrate although I realize you were trying to help. I had clamydia and didn't know it and still don't know how long I had it before even being diagnosed. To me - if your friend hasn't used it - just a suggestion - buy a new one. I would hate to think she's put herself at risk by using one that is tainted. If she used it - she should talk with a doctor or someone from a s_xual health clinic to determine if the germs could still be active over the six months. Best to get checked if so - clamydia can lead to many things including infertility. Wishing your friend luck.


?? - December 2

I don't think the organism/bacteria responsible for Chlamydia can live on an innanimate object for 6 months. Bacteria usually has to have heat and certain conditions for it to grow otherwise it would die. I really don't think she could get it six months later.


me - December 2

im pretty sure its not likely at all. YOU CANT CATCH IT OFF A TOILET SEAT SO HOW COULD YOU SOMETHING LIKE THAT 6 MONTHS LATER. i dont think the bacteria lives that long


why? - December 3

why would she even want to use one she knows someone else has used, even if she washed it well?


me - December 3

she didnt know she always washes it before she uses it i guess if i had one i would too. the girl just told her about it. they werent talking a whole lot because she went off to collage and she came home for thanksgiving


r - December 3

oh if I were you friend I would not have anything more to do with that person that is nasty that girl used such a personal item of someones she is a very nasty yucky person, but I really doubt she caught it if she washed it with soapy water but to be safe she should tell her doctor the test is quite simple and just in case she really should not put her baby at risk


randi - December 3

well the girl was drunk and they dont talk much any more anyway she asked someone about it and they really dont see a chance after 6 months so were no longer worried about it



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