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margie - January 22

I just wanted to let you know that I had my baby girl on December 11th and she is the love of my life..being a mom changes EVERYTHING and all that worry you may have now about it advice is to just throw it out the window if you've made it this far, you're going to be all good. The third trimester was the happiest time of my whole life...ooh and became the most uncomfortable time the last original due date was dec 23rd and i KNEW all along i was due earlier than that, I was right since as we know our calculations are always more correct than the doctors right? i was scheduled to be induced on dec 12th because my doctor was going to be out of town and I was already dialated to 3cm and had a very thin cervix so we didnt want me to go into labor without him around since i refuse to have anyone else but him for my OB, he is so great...anyways, she must have heard the word around town was that mom and the doctor were planning her birthday and she was like "no way, thats MY decision!" so she came the day before....I went into labor the night before but thought it was false labor (oh just because it doesnt hurt dont mean its not labor...just a little tip) i was contracting every 3 minutes but thought sureley they were BH since they didnt hurt, well I didnt sleep that whole night and they continued, I freaked out in the morning because that whole time I didnt feel her move...I went in to work even the same day I had her! Im crazy...i know...well at lunch time I still didnt feel her moving and then i started getting really worried so i went in to the hospital and her heart rate was flat, which means not enough contractions were 2-3 min apart and they were real, not fake like i thought because i had dialated to 4cm. i got checked in to a room and the doctor came in to pop my water bag, he suspected her heart rate was flat because of meconium, and he was right, the water was green...i didnt see it but im sure it was pretty THAT was when the labor started to hurt BAAAD, I planned on a natural labor....well...lets just say that you can plan all you want but when its actually happening is another story, i ended up with the epidural and i was soooo happy i did, it made things sooo much nicer....i had another scary moment when i got the epidural, the babys heart rate crashed because my blood pressure when waaay low, i felt lightheaded and got a bad headache, i was just praying watching those monitors while i watched my nurse frantically get the ephedrine in the IV, then we stabilized....they were giving me some pitocin too so that my labor could be sure to stay speedy, i naturally was dialating pretty quick for a first pregnancy, they wanted her out because her heart rate due to the meconium...i had a water tube to give her clean fluids to wash off the meconium and internal monitors stuck up there as well as a catheter so i had all kinds of things going on downstairs which is why i think i hurt more than i would have normally even maybe with the labor....anyways, once i started pushing it was eeeeasy for me, but let me tell you, i was in another world when i was pushing, it was an amazing natural high that i cant describe, it was the closest i can imagine being to god while still be alive for me, i felt like i was looking down on myself while it was happening, the pushing went really quick and when she was almost out the dr had me reach my hands out and i got to pull her out completely into the world..oh and i didnt need an episiotomy but i did tear down there but the dr said it wasn't bad, i only needed a few st_tches. being a mom is a lot of work, but its rewarding. i want to get pregnant again soon and start this whole crazy process all over again, i LOVE being a mom but i also loved being pregnant, the whole thing from the scary beginnings to the anxious ending is all worth it. so are YOU doing? :-)


HeavenisMine - January 22

Margie, woo hoo! You had her, I knew you would!! I wanna see some photos miss, when you can of course. I never had natural labor, but it did hurt, it was so rewarding though. It is rewarding to make it to the end huh? Hopefully you and I will find each other again when we start trying to conceive baby number 2. It's scary to think you had to hear her heart rate crash but thank God she's okay! I hope you saw the thread I left for you in third trimester, if not I'll bump it up for you. A big congratulations! Phew, we both made it.


stefkay - January 22

MARGIE!!! I'm soooo glad to see you posted! Heaven and I posted to you on the 3rd tri board a while back but after a while I forgot to go back and check it. Your story just made me get the chills and I'm so happy for you and excited for me at the same time, you know? I am almost 17 weeks and not as worried as I used to be, but will probably be for the rest of the pregnancy and beyond, lol. Now I worry about a million other things that can happen, but I also know they are really all completely out of my hands at this point. I get my gender scan on Feb. 15th at 20 weeks -- I've had two early peeks that said "girl", but they were just for fun as one was 12 weeks and the other was 14 weeks. I'd love to see pics too if you get the time to post them somewhere! I have a little piczo site I put together if you want to see. The address is: 3 w's dot I ended up making it pa__sword protected so if you want to see it, email me and I'll email back the pa__sword. My email is stefkzimm at!



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