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javidsgirl - January 15

h__lo girls, i was just wondering what has been going on with you ladies? how far along are you now? do you know if you having a boy or girl? you guys should drop in on us august ladies more often to keep us updated you are still our girls you know


stefkay - January 15

Hey Tanya! How are you doing? Great here! I'll be 16 weeks this Friday which is another milestone for me :) I've had lots of ultrasounds and have been told twice (at 12 w and at 14 w) that it "looks like a girl", but we can't be for sure until the big gender u/s at my 20 weeks appointment. That will be February 15. I think Kathy's gender scan is coming up pretty soon! It's been a worrisome few months for me, but I think I'm starting to relax (a bit) and enjoy some more :) How is Miriam?


javidsgirl - January 15

16 weeks that is fantastic stef.i am so glad that everything has been going well i can understand the worry trust me it just increases once they arrive but it is soo worth every minute. i am glad you havea doctor that is keeping a close eye on things for you. as for relaxoing i cant tell you when that happens i was a wreak my whole pregnancy and well i am still am sometimes i think it is just a sign of being a fantastic mother. sounds like your chances of it being a girl look good. i cant wait for the confirmation. little girls are so precious i must say. mariam is doing great she is 5 months old now and is such a character she has dicovered the raspberry noise and she thinks it is so funny not to mention it so cute to watch her do it and laugh about.


stefkay - January 15

How adorable! I can't believe how fast she is growing... I can't believe either that by this coming summer I'll be meeting this liitle one....seems unreal! I'm feeling more calm, but I'm also not being as closely watched now which scares me some. I was with the specialist for the first 14 weeks and then he "graduated" me to my regular OB. The specialist was in a town 3 hours away so going to see him was a chore. I had to take a whole day off of work each time and I saw him every 2 weeks from 4 weeks to 14. He did a scan at each appointment too which was nice :) At 15 weeks I saw my regular OB and had a scan, but now I don't see her or have another scan until 20 weeks (5 weeks! yikes!) so it is definitely an adjustment!


javidsgirl - January 15

oh that long wait untill the 20 week scan i remember that it was a killer it made the tww wait when i was trying to concieve look like a breeze. well i am glad you specialist felt you were doing well enough to graduate into reg ob care that is great in my opinion. when are you due agian? oh and tip for the summer we the lightest clothes you can find i swear the next time i get preg i hope i can carry through the winter cause carrying through the summer was horrible i was like a walking furnace


ChattyKathy - January 15

Hi Tanya! =) I am now 21 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow and unfortunately still have to wait a week before I find out the gender of the little one. BUT so far everything seems to be going well. I guess thats all I can really ask for! I'm in good health too, feeling pretty great especially since its the second trimester =) I'll update more in a bit, trying to make food and entertain people so I'll come back and chat a bit later!


javidsgirl - January 16

21 weeks that is awsome kathy your only 6 weeks away from the third more week you must be counting down the days. i am so glad to hear everything is going so well with this pregnancy. keep up the good work mommy


stefkay - January 16

Tanya, I'm due on the 4th of July! Pretty that will be about when it is starting to get really hot around here. I'm excited for the spring though to wear the cute warmer weather maternity clothes. This winter stuff is just not cutting it, lol :)


javidsgirl - January 29

did you girls find out what your having yet?


stefkay - January 29

Hi Tanya! Nope not yet...I'll be 18 weeks this Friday and have my big scan at my 20 week appt. Friday Feb 15th. I'll definitely post when I get home. The time seems to be dragging until then, lol! :)


javidsgirl - January 31

only 16 days away how exciting


stefkay - January 31

I really hope Kathy doesn't mind me telling you...But, she had her scan and is having a BOY!!! I'll post here or come find you when I find out what I'm having. Hopefully lo will cooperate ;)


margie - February 1

oh my gosh, i am so excited for you girls!!! i remember when we were all in the pregnancy loss forums last year and now i have my precious Angel and both of you are expecting....i sware you are going to LOVE the third trimester (until the last month or so when you swell like a balloon and pee literally every five minutes and it HURTS to walk) but when you start to feel your LOs really kicking around hard in there and start to recognize certain body parts its awesome! when i first held Anjelica after she was swaddled i felt her foot wiggling around in the blanket and it felt JUST like her foot that always moved around the left side of my belly, i still love feeling her foot wriggle in her blankets because it reminds of having her inside me. guess what? im already in a TWW....haha, if I am pregnant that would be insane, we played around a bit once without being careful and i havent had AF yet since I've had her,...oops! we'll see. stef, do you have a feeling whether its a boy or girl? because i really felt like i was having a girl without a doubt and i was right


stefkay - February 1

hi margie! I'm "feeling" girl, but I've also had two ultrasound techs tell me it looks like a girl too (12 weeks and 14 weeks). They just looked for fun while doing a regular scan. I feel less and less sure though as I hear of so many girls on here thinking they are having one and then finding out it is the other. If it weren't for the scans I'd still say girl, but we'll see for sure on the 15th!!! My doc wouldn't do another scan until 20 weeks and I told her she's killin me here, lol ;)


margie - February 4

oh i know the waiting really sucks! I think I found out around 16 weeks or something, but I already knew it was a girl since about 10 weeks or so, I had dreams and very strong feelings. I was never a pink girl but then all of a sudden I started becoming more attracted to pink colored things like clothes and stuff. I was right! If you want to see pictures I have some on my myspace, do you have an account? if you do, send me a friend request so you can see them!


stefkay - February 4

Hey, I sent you a friend request...I don't use myspace a whole lot but I have a page. Also I don't think I posted it here yet but I have a page I made for the baby (belly shots, ultrasounds, etc.) It is w w w dot just wanted to have a place specifically for baby stuff. I'll post my next u/s photo on myspace most likely but other than that, everything goes to the piczo site.


Ella82 - February 4

Hey Girls!! I just wanted to say woohoo for being in the 2nd tri! Stefkay i have been stalking your threads im so glad everything is going well! Margie! good to see you on her too and happy you are enjoying your little one. Leilani is 2 months old now and is smiling so much i'm loving every minute of being a mum.



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