Stetch Marks

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Cassie - June 14

Has anyone gotten stretch marks on their bellies yet? If so, when did they appear? I've been looking at belly galleries and am getting a little freaked at how drastic the stretch marks can be!


Melissa - June 14

I have not gotten any yet. It is certainly different for everyone. I have been religiously putting on good quality lotion twice each day. Also, I think it has something to do with the colour of your skin. I am fairly pale, so I think I may have them, they just arent as noticeable as they would be on someone with darker skin. I am pretty sure that the majority of us will end up with them by the end. My SIL started to have visible ones by about 16 weeks, she has darker skin colour though.


Julie - June 14

I started to get some on my belly at around 7 weeks, which is also the same time I started showing. Some people are just more prone to them, or if you get big early this can cause more of them as well. Lucky me. Mine are very dark red, almost a purple, and I am very pale skinned. The bigger I get, the more of them I get.


kel - June 14

Knock on wood,but I am 26 weeks and don't have any. I have been lubing my bellly with stretch mark cream. I know people say it doesn't work, but I figure it won't hurt to try.


K - June 14

people get stretch marks based on the health and elasticity of their skin. My Dr suggests using cocoa b___ter lotion to moisturize. hope this helps all of you too..


Audrea - June 15

I am 23 weeks and have not gotten any yet. I think it is due to not getting big yet. The faster the belly grows the skin does not have time to stretch without the underlayers tearing, hence stretch marks. If you do get them they will be somewhat reddish in color before they fade to your natural skin color. I have read somewhere that if your mother did not get them, then most likely you will not either. A lot of it is in genetics and it does not matter how much lotion you use. The slower you gain weight, the less stretch marks you should get.


ng - June 15

HI unfortunatly I have huge stretch mark scars from my first pregnancy they are on my thighs and run from my the bottom of my tummy to my bellyb___ton. I hate them. I think the reason I got them last time was because I put on too much extra weight and did not follow a healthy diet . I am 19 weeks pregnant with my second and have not got any so far. cross my fingers, I have not put more than the recomended weight and I am using some body lotion on my tummy as well. I have been told by my doctor that a good diet and lots of water will do more to prevent then. If baby sudenly turns around in the last few months, avoiding thenm is proberbly imposible.


Chloe - June 15

I am 20 weeks and I have not gotten any stretch marks to date. However, my SIL didn't get a single stretch mark druing her pregnancy and then the week before she delivered, she woke up with 20. Guess it just depends on your body. Best of luck to you!


Jessica - June 15

I have bad stretch marks. The are all over the lower part of my belly. I heard that they fade after the baby comes. I sure hope so!!!!!!!!!


Ca__sie - June 15

It's interesting to hear from everyone. I don't have stretch marks yet either, but then again I'm only 14 weeks. I think I'll probably get them though because I have stretch marks on my thighs. They have never been purple though, so I hope when I get them on my tummy (if I do) that they won't stand out much. I know that they will fade if they are purple though. Thanks for all the input, gals!


Julie - June 15

This is my second pregnancy and only have a few small white ones on my lower abdomen from my first pregnancy. I stayed greased up with cocoa b___ter the entire 9 months and didn't have any stretch marks until after delivery but they weren't too bad. This time I am 23 weeks and don't have any new ones. After delivery Strivectin works to fade them but it is rather expensive and you can't use it during pregnancy.


xandria - September 27

...I'm going to be five months in a week or so, and I'm waiting for my stretchmarks =] Everyone tells me that genetics play a key role in getting them. Well, I've had stretchmarks (EVERYWHERE ELSE) to start off with when I wasn't pregnant. The rest of my family have stretchmarks too. I'm still waiting for them to show because I KNOW I will have them. Maybe cocoa b___ter and vitamin-e oil really does help because my belly has gotten large to the point where I would expect at least faint marks to show.


Lisa - September 27

I bought some 100% pure Shea and Cocoa B___ter and have been putting that on my skin twice a day. I don't have any yet and i'm 17 weeks, but I figure keeping the skin moisturized can't hurt and hope that it helps a bit. Try not to to scratch your belly as well when it gets itchy as that breaks tiny vessels, put lotion on when you feel like scratching.


Kate and Baby - September 29

Hi everyone. I am 23 weeks and have not seen one stretch mark. I don't really follow a healthy diet either but I have heard that it is genetic. Good Luck Ladies



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