Still Afraid Of Misscariage

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Newhoneybuns - June 22

I'm 23 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to still be afraid of having a misscariage? Maybe it's because i had 2 misscariage a few years back that i am still scared of those and that a friend of mine lost her baby at 24 weeks. I just want to pass the 28 week line to get my mind at ease. :-(


Newhoneybuns - June 22

For the past 2 days i been having belly cramps kinda like menstrual cramps. They dont last long but they come quite often and it scares the hell out of me. Anyone else have these ?


HannahBaby - June 22

YOUR FINE CHICK!! Your letting your nerves get the best of you!! You are entering the part of your life when all you will do from here on out is worry. Soon, when you get to about 28 weeks you will worry about preterm labor and premature birth, then when you are full term you will worry about complications during the labor and delivery, and then when you are holding your baby in your arms you will worry about sids, then when they are 12 months you worry about them falling and getting hurt or sick or having an allergic reaction to something.......This is life my dear, It is totally ok and normal to worry, just dont let it take over your life or take any joy out of your pregnancy. People lose babies at 24.25.26,27 weeks, its just the way it is. They are terrible things that most of the time CANNOT be prevented. Im 24 weeks and sometimes get myself all freaked out (like today) because i havent felt the baby move at all today, but then i laid on the couch and my little man performed for me. You will be fine :o)


olivia - June 22

Hi Newhoneybuns, I know it is scary. I think it is completely normal for you to be scared especially with a history of miscariage. The cramps are pretty normal but sometimes can mean you are dehydrated. If you are getting them a lot you should drink a full gla__s of water and lay down for a while. It will be that way until delivery. My braxton hicks started very early too, I remember hardly being able to walk with the cramping. Sometimes your whole uterus will tighten into a ball and this is a braxton hicks contraction. Unless they are steady and regular it is not preterm labor. Just drink the water and lay down and see if they go away. If the cramps are really menstrual like (deep and pulling across your back and front) you should check with your doctor. Back pain is normal from carrying the baby, but real menstrual like cramps should be mentioned to doc. They don't mind visits from worried mommies to be. Hang in there, I got worried with my braxton hicks too and went in for a couple extra check ups.


Newhoneybuns - June 22

Thank you very much Hannah and olivia. I guess i just worry so much cause since the beginning of this pregnancy everything has been going so well .. no symptoms or anything and now these cramps they scared the hell out of me. They arent sharp pain or anything just small pain and they dont hurt much... but just got me paranoid. And baby girl is probably trying to tell me not to worry too much right now cause she's been doing summersaults for the last 5 minutes or so lol. But thanks a million times girls you rea__sured me. If tomorrow i still am paranoid by the cramping ( if they didnt go away ) i'll just pay a visit to the ER to set my mind at ease but iknow you 2 are right :-)


Newhoneybuns - June 22

err when itry to reply it says duplicate message =\


Newhoneybuns - June 22

oops guess it worked after all nvm lol


venus_in_scorpio - June 23

sometimes i feel like all i do anymore is worry and its normal. I am 18 almost 19 weeks and i worry worry worry and its alredy been a month between dr appointments and i dont go in til next thursday. I just want to hear the babys heart beat and know s/he's hanging in there.. I am sure you'll be fine. besides if the worse did happen... my friend is now 22 and a mom and she was born at like 28-30 weeks, weighing 3 pounds. no problems, now just a regular healthy woman. think positive. :oD


18wbabynov - June 23

im almost 20 weeks, and i worry constantly too... i think that just is a sign of being a really caring mom... always wanting your child to be healthy and safe! but it does drive me nuts too... i just wait from appointment to appointment to hear that sweet little heartbeat, and i know she is alright! now that ive seen the ultrasound, i feel a lot better too!


frankschick2001 - June 23

I had a m/c too. But it was an early one at almost 8 weeks. I am almost 14 weeks now. The only thing I can say (because I know how you feel) is to take it day by day. I try not to focus on it at all. Every week is a milestone. And you just get through it step by step day by day. You are already 23 weeks and you have made it this far right?? We all know anything can happen, but you are doing well so far and there is no reason to think you will not carry to term. You are more than half way there!


squished - June 23

I too am afraid of something happening. It doesn't gnaw at me all the time, but if I get a wierd c___p or something I'm like oh-oh. I so look forward to our u/s next week. I will be 21w and this will be the first one we've had since 10w. I have a didelphic uterus so there are many things to check on. I'm sure that I will feel much better after the u/s.


Newhoneybuns - June 23

Ok well i went to the ER tonight cause the pain had not stop and they put me on some machine that mesures contractions and they did an ultrasound and ran some urine tests and god what else lol Anyways i had no contractions.. i wasnt dilated at all and the test came back that they found some bacteries in my urine but they will only know in 24 or 48 hours what it is. So my belly pain come from ligament streching and my back pain (which i thought was contraction) is actually cause i have a bladder infection or something like that .. that part i will know monday and he said he'll give me antibiotics then. He also told me not to worry and everything was just fine and baby is doing well. And to rest as often as i can. So i am happy that i went and now my mind can be at ease :-)


squished - June 24

LOL....I meant CRAMP....not CRAP!


olivia - June 24

Glad to hear you got checked out! You'll feel better soon. Those 'silent' bladder infections can really be sneaky. Feel better, glad you got to monitor baby to put you mind at rest. Drink lots :)



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