Still Emotional At 21 Weeks Or Postpartum Depression

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Sensitive - May 31

I was under the impression that you’re no longer emotional after 17 weeks. However I am 21 weeks and still have easy hurt feelings, tearing easily, sensitivity and irritability. Is this normal for 21 weeks or is is postpartum setting in???


Jbear - May 31

You can be emotional throughout your pregnancy. It's normal. You're tired and your body is doing things you have no control over, and also you have the stress of wondering if your baby will be healthy, what labor will be like, and how you'll learn to care for a newborn. So of course you're emotional. (I cry every time I watch the news, and every time my daughter cries, if it makes you feel any better.) I had postpartum depression, and it was different than the weepiness I have was a feeling like I couldn't do anything right, and like I just wanted to run away. If you have any feelings that make it difficult to function, or if you think of hurting yourself, talk to your doctor. Otherwise, don't worry, the emotional rollercoaster happens to all of us.


jennifer - May 31

I am 22 weeks and wondering if I will EVER be the old me again. I am experiencing similar emotions to you. I have been to my doctor, pregnancy councellor and have an appointment with a psych doctor this week. From what I have been told so far, is that it is normal to have emotional ups and downs, unfortunately I may have gotten a heavier does than other women do. I have no prior history of mental issues other than some bouts of anxiety. I worry about post-partum, because I am experiencing so much emotionally now. To answer this question if this is normal is tricky because, as Jbear said, being more emotional is normal, but there is something beyond that, that isn't as common, from I have told by my doctors. My poor hubby just wants to be happy and excited, I hope I can get through this, best wishes to you too..


Julie - May 31

I have been depressed and an emotional wreck since day 1. I had postpartum pretty bad too after my son and was on medication for about a year but got off because I wanted to get pregnant again. I think this is normal.


Heidi - May 31

Is anyone really snappy? That's how I've been my entire pregnancy. My fiance commented and asked if it was going to last the whole 40 wks and go away afterwards. I guess I've been really snippy! B___hy he calls it.



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