STILL Going To The Bathroom ALL The Time

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preggosauce - May 7

Hey ladies...I find myself STILL constantly going to the bathroom. I know if I drink ANYTHING I will be in the bathroom within 20 min and make multiple trips. I'm 19 weeks today, and I thought the baby was supposed to move up and ease up on the bladder. Is my baby just sitting really low?! Or is this normal? Also; I sometimes feel like the baby is Kicking my bladder. Is that possible? Or is it just my imagination? This is my first so I'm not sure what is "normal"....or if there IS a normal... haha.


Evonna - May 7

It's the same with me, i find myself constantly having to go but soon as i get to the bathroom to pee, there isn't much in my bladder, lol. I think it's normal. = ]


SuzieQ - May 7

I didn't have to pee much the whole first trimester - now I am going way more! I didn't even have to get up at night at first, but now I am very familiar with my house at night :)


KellyO - May 8

I am 16 weeks and I am still getting up to go to the bathroom 2-3 times a night and I have even stop drinking after 7 pm. I was hoping it would ease up sometime soon too!


Been There - May 8

It doesn't ease up in everyone. It's normal to go through your whole pregnancy having to go just as well.


Smiles - May 8

I am 20W1D and still get up at least 3 times a night. I had my ultrasound last week and the tech said the baby actually was kicking my bladder. So YES the baby can kick your bladder.


Carla - May 8

I am 23 weeks and going to the bathroom all the time, it hasnt let up at all in fact i feel as if i am going more now especially in the middle of the night, and yes i feel as if the baby is kicking my bladder at times, i dont think its my actual bladder but it feels as if hes kicking very low.


moucheka - May 9

I'm 26 weeks and it eased up for me in the last couple of weeks. I was having a hard time walking around weeks 22-24 as the baby had a big growth spurt and was sitting very low. At the end of week 24 I actually felt her lift overnight and when I got up the next day it was so much better!


ataylor724 - May 9

i'm 27 weeks and still go all the time. my baby lifted and is in the right spot, but im small so regardless of where she lies she's on all my organs. And I still can't hold it for more than 5 minutes either. I almost wet my pants when the lady at the drugstore wouldn't let me use the bathroom and I had to run across the street :)


Taffy - May 10

I wasn't too bad early on but I think this was because the baby was positioned on my left. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that the baby had moved more to the centre and now I feel like I have a full bladder all the time. It must be something to do with the way that we carry as to how much it can affect our waterworks. I'm now 18 weeks and I really hope that the baby lifts up more soon so that I can get a good nights sleep.


louise1710 - May 11

i'm 22 weeks and night times are a real nuisance, i long for the time i can sleep through without having to get up 10 times to use the bathroom!! and when i think i can, i'll be getting up 10 times to see to a new baby!!!! can't win!!! but i prefer the second option!


preggosauce - May 11

Thanks ladies for your responses. It sounds like what I'm going through is somewhat normal.....Like most of you I feel like I have to go SOOO bad, and then when I get to the bathroom....hardly anything!! I think to myself..."I ran to the bathroom for that?!?!" haha, Hopefully we'll all get a little relief soon!!!



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