Still Have Morning Sickness At 14 Weeks

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Julie - April 13

I have been sick now since I was 6 weeks along and I still have morning sickness! Does anyone else? I am wondering if it will ever go away?


Heidi - April 13

I know it's not uncommon. My girlfriend said she had m/s until she was almost 5 months pregnant. My sister was sick well into her second trimester. Mine stopped at about 10 wks and once in a while I feel a little sick but nothing like before and I'm at 13 wks now. I hope it goes away for you soon!


Kristin - April 13

I have to be kind of blatant with you, it may not go away, some women do experience it throughout your entire pregnancy, and if thats you then my heart goes out to you, because it does suck. But most of us get over it by week 18-20. Good Luck


Maleficent - April 13

i'm 18 weeks and still sick. i hope things get better, for both of us. if not at least we can complain to each other. ;o)


monica - April 13

I am 24 weeks and still feel sick. I think I will be one of those unfortunate people who are sick through out their pregnancy. :(


B - April 13

I am 18 1/2 weeks and I will be 19 weeks in a couple of days and I still have a problem with brushing my teeth I get this gagging sensation and sometime I still vomit.


Julie - April 13

Well I am glad to hear I am not alone. I had m/s with my son but it lasted from week 9-12 and it all of a sudden just went away at week 12. And it wasn't really bad this time I am actually vomiting! Good luck to you all! Maybe it is a girl this time?


crystal - April 14

I'm 15 weeks and i'm just starting to feeling a little better. I'm still very nauseated but have thrown up in a week i'm keepin my fingers crossed


Tanya (no2) - April 14

Ladies, I am 26 weeks pregnant now, and sometimes I still get sick from brushing my teeth, or for no apparent reason at all. With most people it subsides in the 3rd month, but for some, it carries on the entire pregnancy. Its not abnormal if you are over 14 weeks and still getting morning/evening sickness



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