Still No Kicks

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krissy79 - May 29

I'm now 21 weeks and still no definite kick. What should I be feeling...I stress out too much....then I start thinking silly things like "what if the baby has no feet"? :-) What does movement feel like?


Mandy1984 - May 29

lol, sorry to laugh, its perfectly normal not to feel any kicks, I am just over 21weeks and haven't felt a definite kick, I was admitted to hospital on Friday and when they were doing a scan the baby was moving about and kicking yet I couldn't feel it,


Mandy1984 - May 29

another thing, The baby maybe does move, I didn't really feel anything until the other night when I wasn't well, I was up ALL night and at around 4am I started to feel like light bubbles popping, a little like gas, Maybe your babe moves around in the middle of the night when you are sleeping


HannahBaby - May 29

im 20 weeks with my second and still havent really felt a definate kick...i feel little things but i also know what im looking for. They say you feel them earlier with your second but that did not hold true for me. Dont stress.


Mingill - May 29

krissy79, don't worry, you'll feel your baby soon enough. Each woman/pregnancy is different. I'm 26 weeks with my first and I had no idea what to expect. Movement started around 21 weeks with little bubble-like feelings and light flutterings (it's difficult to recognize at first because it feels a bit like gas bubbles, but if you don't have gas, it's likely baby) Over time the feelings got stronger until there was actual movement that I could definately feel, but it was still a few weeks until I could see movement (tummy moves) or my dh could feel them. Also, baby will have active days and slow days, so if you feel something one day but very little the next day, try not to worry. You and your baby could just have different schedules, as Mandy1984 said, perhaps baby moves when you're asleep. Have you had your 20 week ultrasound? If not, when you go you will be able to see baby and then you will see that baby is just fine. I'm positive your baby has feet, baby just isn't using them to drum on your uterus yet. I find my little nugget acts up when I've been sitting for a bit, so maybe try just resting for a little during the day to see if you can feel anything, otherwise just give it time.


sophandbob - May 29

I was very lucky and felt it really early on for a first baby (16 weeks). Since then I've had moments when I've not felt movement for a while (I'm now 25 weeks) which freaked me out. As my partner rea__sured me, we all have different patterns of sleep and a baby is no different. As my mum said, sometimes when we're shattered we lie still and don't move. Baby is just the same. It also depends upon your size as larger women find they don't feel kicks til longer, and also where the baby is lying. The movement felt very much like someone rubbing their finger on the inside of my belly at first and then moved on to the bubbles and fluttering sensation which people often describe. Now it is getting more promenant and my partner can feel the baby kick. I find these movements feel like an incontrollable muscle tick.


lexa - May 29

krissy79...once you start to feel it, you will probably feel the fluttering sensation first. Like a little b___terfly or bubble (or even mistaken for gas) in your belly. Don't worry, once your little peanut starts moving, it probably won't stop:-) Is this your first pregnancy? I know with my first, I really didn't feel it until I was further along like 24 weeks or so. This time around however (I am 21 1/2 weeks along), I've been feeling it for the past 2 weeks. They say it is felt quicker in subsequent pg's. You should start to feel it soon!


CamysMama - May 30

Never fear! You will feel your little sweetling soon! When Camy moves, I think it feels kind of like a frog jumping around in a waterballoon! :o)



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