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Nicole - June 16

I'm 17wks 6 days and barely showing. I've gained about 5-6 lbs when will I look preggo and not fat?!?!


C - June 17

Soon...I started looking pregnant and not fat at about 19 wks....


Audrea - June 17

That is a hard question to answer. Everyone is different and it depends on the frame of your body and how much weight you gain. I am almost 24 weeks pregnant and barely just started showing. I thought my belly was never going to pop out. My DH still says all the time, "I can't believe you hardly look pregnant and you are 6 months pregnant now." Even though I don't look very pregnant, I feel huge sometimes just because i am not used to my stomach being round and I feel bloated all the time.


Audrea - June 17

I forgot to mention, I have a medium frame and am 5'8" and have gained around 12-15 pounds so far at 24 weeks. I was thin when I became pregnant.


Erin - June 17

I am 16 weeks and gained 0 lbs, my belly has begun to pop out, still easy to hide. I am more concerned about the lack of weight gain.


Kelly - June 17

Hi Erin: I'm in the same boat as u....I'm 19 weeks pregnant (1st preg)...I'm 23 and 5'3" and weigh 112 lbs....I have not gained any weight at all and i have just started to show-up...not much, easy to hide...since i didnt gain any weight, my doc sees me every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks....she said tat the baby is ok and my not gaining weight wud NOT hurt the baby but wud only make preg more painful for me...Wishing you a healthy baby and pregnancy.


J - June 17

It'll happen, just hits everyone differently. I'm 20 wks and just starting to show, but still in reg clothes. I've gained 9 lbs total, but up until week 17, had only gained 4. But the kid's fine, normal size, so everything's cool. In the end, we all inevitably look like beach b___s.


SE - June 17

Kelly, what do you mean that it would only make pregnancy more painful for you? I'm in the same boat. I'm 17 weeks, still haven't gained BACK the weight I lost, and only have a little pooch. I am anxious to see my doctor next week to find out if this might be a problem.


hi - June 19

Dont worry my first u couldnt tell till about 20weeks that said this was normal because my stomach muscles were so tight.My second was pretty much the same but this was because i lost alot of my body weight with severe morning sickness. Now im having my third and u could see a little bulge since i was 14weeks Good luck dont worry the slower your stomach shows the less chance of stretch marks



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