Stinky Feet

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Stinks - July 7

Has anyone had stinky feet since they have been pregnant?


corious - July 7

have you?!


Smiles - July 7

Yes thats why I am writing this


Wanda - July 7

I haven't had stinky feet, but my bf, his feet are terrible! I think this is because of the whole heightened smell thing, so don't worry about your feet, they are probably ok, it just seems bad because you smell everything!


Smiles - July 7

I asked my husband and he said my feet stink 2


Wanda - July 7

Well that is a bummer! I know there is this stuff by Johnson & Johnson that you can put on your feet that will keep them from sweating, and that is supposed to help. Make sure you are wearing leather shoes or canvas, and not cheap vinyl stuff. A pedicure may help, because it sloughs off the dead skin. Good luck!


Erin - July 7

I had this problem in my first pregnancy and I thought it was my shoes. But, this time around, I know it'snot the shoes. Even if I 'm not wearing shoes, my feet stink. So, no, you're not alone....


Smiles - July 7

Good because I have tried everything. I do get pedicures and it doesn't seem to work.


erica - July 7

You are not alone. I also have stinky feet with these pregnancy. I been soaking them in warm water and scrubbing them with lemon and baking soda and it's helping.


yeah - July 8

Mine are smelling like farts!


To Smiles - July 8

Hi there, girlfriend! I have stinky feet and now that I am preggo is even worse! No product I have bought in a pharmacy really got rid of the smell. However, I can give you my secret for smell free feet - TEA TREE! No joke. I started by using a product sold at Linen and Things, which is a foot cream with tea tree on it - amazing results. Then I went to a local vitamin store and found pure tea tree oil. I add it to any lotion and use it on my feet and the smell is gone! Besides after a couple of weeks using it, it also has made my feet smooth and I need less pedicures! Just sharing my experience! :)



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